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Adaptive Math Curriculum Online from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) | Review

The perfect math curriculum.  Does one exist? Nearly all of them have their pluses and I am fascinated by that. I love reviewing new math curriculums just so my family can see how they differ and perhaps pick up something… Continue Reading →

How to Make Your Home More Welcoming to Guests

A Christian home should always be a welcoming home full of love and warmth, so it’s important to do all you can to make house guests feel comfortable. Little gestures are sure to be appreciated and will keep your guests… Continue Reading →

Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures | Review

Every once in a while I come across a movie that makes me pause and reflect on some important aspect of my life.  It makes me take notice of something I hadn’t thought much about or points me in a… Continue Reading →

Expertly Supplement Your Homeschooling Efforts

If you are someone who sees the benefit of homeschooling, and you already do so with your children, then you might also be keen to find out how you might be able to supplement this with other activities and opportunities… Continue Reading →

Traditional Spelling I from Memoria Press | Review

Spelling and my 7-year-old daughter! It’s been a source of frustration for both of us.  I’ve tried a program or two.  Online games.  Making up lists of our own.  Nothing seemed to work.  Every time she would sit to write… Continue Reading →

Incorporating Religion Into Family Life

In times gone by, religion played a vital role in family life. However, today that isn’t always the case, or at least in the majority of families it isn’t. Modern life has, in many ways, left religion out. When our… Continue Reading →

Clear Out and Cash In: Decluttering To Make Your Dreams Come True

You and your family have thrived in your beautiful home for many years, so when it comes to having a clear out it can all seem very daunting. The truth is you have been going after your dream life for… Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Being the Voice of Encouragement

Encouragement … It seems that at times it can be pretty scarce. So much in this world can be so discouraging. The simple act of opening the newspaper or flipping on the evening news can just suck any spirit of… Continue Reading →

If You Were Me and Lived in… Book Series by Carole P. Roman | Review

Books!  Books! MORE BOOKS! Books to me, especially children’s books, are what I imagine shoes or handbags might be to some other women.  I have been collecting children’s books for 20 years.  Mind you my oldest is only 12.  My addiction…err…… Continue Reading →

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