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Best Pets You Can Count For Your Kid

Pets are good to have, no matter which pet it is. Pets are the best buddies parents can get for their children. A house with loving pets can create an environment which spreads love and friendship. Pets help with this to… Continue Reading →

Critical Thinking Detective Book 1 from The Critical Thinking Co.™ | Review

Every day in our homeschool my family sits together to read stories, memorize poetry and scripture, or study art and music.  We call it Morning Time, and it’s a concept that is becoming quite popular in the homeschooling world.  One… Continue Reading →

5 Tips To Live Smart In A Tech-Friendly Home

Technology has become an inherent part of every individual’s life. However, your whole family can leverage smart living ways by creating a tech-friendly home. It might sound difficult, but a tech-friendly home is possible for everyone. People usually think that… Continue Reading →

Your Hairstyle Can Add a Lot to Your Personality

You can make your presence felt in a gathering by enhancing your personality and adding style to yourself. Just by making small changes you can make a great difference and can completely stand out in a group. Apart from updating… Continue Reading →

Money Saving Hacks For Your Next Vacation

Money Saving Hacks For Your Next Vacation Are you trying to string together enough cash for a vacation? If you’re in dire need of a holiday, then don’t worry. While traveling isn’t cheap, there are many ways to save. In… Continue Reading →

Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum | Review

Review of Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum.  Every homeschool family I know is on the hunt for the perfect language arts and reading curriculum.  I enjoy reviewing these programs whenever I get the chance.  Recently we were… Continue Reading →

T is for Tree: A Bible ABC from Reformed Free Publishing Association | Review

My family has had the opportunity to review a delightful book titled  T is for Tree: A Bible ABC from Reformed Free Publishing Association. It is a hardcover alphabet book of the typical style.  Each page is dedicated to a letter. Every letter… Continue Reading →

Messylearning For Preschoolers and Kindergartners by | PandaParents Reviews

Once upon a time, I was a special education preschool teacher and consultant in the public schools.  Early childhood education was my passion and motivation in life.  It seems like a lifetime ago now.  But my heart for caring for… Continue Reading →

Essential Tips For Preparing For College

Are you really ready for what the future has in store for you? Many is us can sail through high school without giving it a thought until the time comes to choose a college and a major. It can really… Continue Reading →

Kids Email Safe Email for Kids | Review

My family has recently had the opportunity to review something I think is rather unique. It is a one-year subscription to Kids Email Safe Email for Kids from  My son has been given the opportunity to use an email account outfitted with many safety… Continue Reading →

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