Living A Great Life (With A Meager Budget)

Pixabay   It seems like you can’t live your dream life unless you have that one thing that appears to be so essential for us to live at all. Money, it would seem, is the most essential aspect of life… Continue Reading →

How To Make University Less Expensive

Image Source Want to go to university but don’t want all the debt? Fortunately, university doesn’t have to be as expensive in the long run. Here are a few ways to make studying more affordable.   Consider a sponsored course… Continue Reading →

What Does It Take to Live Life as a Content Creator?

“Content” has an incredibly vague meaning. It can cover a wide range of different things such as video, blog posts, news articles, and software. However, it goes without saying that content can be consumed for a number of different benefits…. Continue Reading →

Going After Your Dream Life

New Year Resolutions are those scary things we talk about when we have had a glass of wine or two and then dread the morning after. They usually happen in the midst of the Christmas madness and you know they… Continue Reading →

Home School On Tour

For some parents, homeschool seems like the best option. What better way to ensure your kids get the attention they deserve? If you have the time to dedicate to the cause, this can be a rewarding and wonderful way to… Continue Reading →

3 Easy Ways to Help Rebuild Your Child’s Confidence

Image via Pixabay Adult life is often stressful, with obligations ranging from trademark valuation to paying the bills. Unfortunately, however, adults aren’t the only ones who experience stress. There comes a time in almost every parent’s life, where they notice… Continue Reading →

Steps To Help You Thrive and Survive Your Freshman Year of College

Whatever your schooling has been like, homeschooled or being the class president at a high school, it can all get you to college. You will be meeting new people and have a whole new experience to enjoy. It can be… Continue Reading →

Protecting Baby & You During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be one of the most magical times in any parent’s life. It’s a time to connect with your baby before it’s born while also preparing yourself for the adventure ahead. You will have a number of responsibilities to… Continue Reading →

Let’s Go Geography | Review

I have at least one geography buff in this house. In fact, both of my older boys are fascinated by learning about our own country and the world. Recently we’ve been given the opportunity to use a very in-depth program…. Continue Reading →

The Surprising Truth About Homeschooling And College

The benefits of homeschooling are often a point of contention. Advocates will tell you that it prepares children for their later life more effectively than a traditional school because there is more opportunity for one on one learning that you… Continue Reading →

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