Five Ways to Turn Your Kids’ Mobile Devices Into Interactive Learning Tools

Image via Pexels We all want to try and limit kids’ screen time, but it is one of the hardest tasks. Your kids grew up on tablets and phones, and they are used to doing everything using them; looking for… Continue Reading →

Helping Your Kid Through The Homeschool Years

Picture Source Whether you decide to homeschool or your family uses the resources of public or private schools, ensuring your children get the best education can be a challenge.  Most children, for whatever reason, will struggle in some area of… Continue Reading →

A Unit Study of Christmas History and Traditions | Plus a $500 Cash Giveaway

Christmas is coming!  Homeschooling has so many sweet perks this time of year.  Namely, we can set aside some or all of our regular schooling routine and devote ourselves to preparing for and studying Christmas.  There are so many opportunities… Continue Reading →

Concerns Homeschooling Parents Shouldn’t Have About College

You may be confident that you’re able to give your child a more comprehensive learning environment suited to the specifics of their academic growth at home. However, a college education isn’t something most homeschoolers are able to provide. So, when… Continue Reading →

Easy Holiday Lesson Planning with #ad

This morning I looked up at my calendar and realized the holidays are coming.  Yes, I know!  They are so sneaky, popping up when I least expect them… you know at exactly the same time every year!  How dare they! … Continue Reading →

Sneaking School Into Busy Days… How We Learn Every Day On The Go!

I believe the most authentic learning doesn’t necessarily happen during our “school” time.  Some of our best educational experiences these days are happening in the in-between times, often away from home, while on the go, and even on weekends. I try… Continue Reading →

Further Education Frustration: Staying Motivated When Applying to College

Applying to college is the logical next step for many who are about to graduate from high school. Others also do it when they’re a little old and have decided they’re ready to continue their education. There are ways to… Continue Reading →

Homeschool | Why?

Homeschooling!  Why on earth do we do this?  I mean, I pay so much in taxes to pay for the schools (as do my neighbors whether they have children or not) that it seems foolish in some ways to not… Continue Reading →

Brain Games: Mental Stimulation Matters For All Ages

If you hear reference to the idea of brain games or training, then you likely connect the dots and assume it’s a task for the elderly. For years, keeping the mind fit has been seen as the reserve of those… Continue Reading →

Homeschool Essentials | Support

Today the last day of Homeschool Essentials.  It’s been a good couple of weeks week.  I pray my posts have been a blessing.   I talked all about our precious books! I shared our art supplies and I shared with you our essential… Continue Reading →

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