Online Etiquette and Protecting Our Families In a Digital World

What does online etiquette have to do with protecting our families?  A lot more than you think.  To best protect your children in a digital world, we often need to look at ourselves.  What messages are we sending our kids? … Continue Reading →

Protecting Your Family in a Digital World

With over 1 billion websites online with approximately 140,000 added each day, the Apple App Store has 3 million apps in it, and the Google Play store is quickly approaching the 3 million mark, Facebook users generating 4000-5000 posts every… Continue Reading →

Christian Activities: How To Spend Your Summer

If you come from a Christian family, you probably spend a lot of time helping others. After all, Jesus told us all to love our neighbors, and so we tend to try our best. There are lots of ways we… Continue Reading →

Join the Chivalry Movement | Knights in Training Book Review

*This post contains affiliate links. Are you like me? Raising boys in a worldly culture that would do anything to destroy the idea of Biblical masculinity?  Our culture today is wrought with confusing messages for young boys (and consequently young girls)… Continue Reading →

First Impressions of Knights in Training | Book Review

*This Post Contains Affiliate Links I was recently asked to join the launch team for a unique book.  If you aren’t familiar, a launch team is a group of bloggers and social media influencers who band together to help an… Continue Reading →

Are You Separated From a Loved One this Easter? This Post is for You!

How to Cope with Being Away From a Loved One on Easter Guest Post by Kelli Brewer Please visit her website and support our military and their families year round.  Holidays are a special time that many people love to… Continue Reading →

All Consuming Thoughts: Encouragement for Moms

Is there something on your mind this morning?  Something that is sort of consuming your thoughts? Perhaps it has those anxious feelings revving?  Maybe you left a comment someplace on Facebook that was taken the wrong way.  Perhaps you have… Continue Reading →

Mom Hacks for After-Craft Cleaning

Mom Hacks for After-Craft Cleaning Today I’ve invited a guest poster to the blog… Please welcome back Anna Aamone as she writes for us about cleaning up our crafts! Kids love creating their own art and spending time in crafts…. Continue Reading →

You Matter

Last week I went out and bought clothes!  Lots of clothes!  I never do this.  I normally just struggle through my closet, sometimes with literal tears in my eyes, as I try to put something presentable together to get through… Continue Reading →

Encouragement for a Mother’s Heart… Wisdom

Wisdom! As mothers (and maybe even more so for homeschooling mothers) we are expected to be all wise and know just what do in every situation.  We should know how to heal every hurt whether it be of skinned knee variety… Continue Reading →

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