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The Sock Monster Got Me!

Growing up all through the years I always had one issue.  From the time I was born until the time I left the nest and moved out on my own I was always plagued by the sock monster.  You all… Continue Reading →

Marriage is hard work…the husband’s perspective.

Hi everyone,  it’s Todd (Crystal’s less attractive other half).   A few weeks ago my wife wrote a fantastic post on our marriage.  Usually, I know what she’s writing and when she’s posting it.   This one, however, took me by surprise.  … Continue Reading →

What To Do About Siblings Who Argue?

  Am I the only one with kids who argue seemingly ALL OF THE TIME? I can’t be the only Mamma out there who wants to bash her head into a brick wall because I’ve said… “STOP THE FIGHTING!”  too… Continue Reading →

This has become such a blessing! The Child Training Bible (Giveaway)

Giveaway details can be found at the bottom of this post. Ok my fellow Christian Mommies… and Daddies for that matter. You know what? Let’s throw in aunts, uncles, Pastor’s, cousins, ministry leaders… ANYONE who ever works with a child…… Continue Reading →

Communication in Marriage, When to Speak Up or Forever Hold Your Peace

My husband and I are about to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary.  I often ask myself how exactly we’ve held it together this long because, even though God gave me an incredible man as a husband, things just don’t flow… Continue Reading →

Making Margins: Saying NO to Over Scheduling

*This post contains affiliate links. When my oldest was just a toddler my husband, and I began to seriously discuss the homeschooling option. We even dared mention it out loud to a few close friends and family members.  The first… Continue Reading →

Online Etiquette and Protecting Our Families In a Digital World

What does online etiquette have to do with protecting our families?  A lot more than you think.  To best protect your children in a digital world, we often need to look at ourselves.  What messages are we sending our kids? … Continue Reading →

Protecting Your Family in a Digital World

With over 1 billion websites online with approximately 140,000 added each day, the Apple App Store has 3 million apps in it, and the Google Play store is quickly approaching the 3 million mark, Facebook users generating 4000-5000 posts every… Continue Reading →

Christian Activities: How To Spend Your Summer

If you come from a Christian family, you probably spend a lot of time helping others. After all, Jesus told us all to love our neighbors, and so we tend to try our best. There are lots of ways we… Continue Reading →

Encouragement for a Mother’s Heart… You Are God’s Creation!

For you created my inmost being;    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;    your works are wonderful,    I know that full well. You Mom are one of God’s own wonderfully made masterpieces.  Ok does anyone… Continue Reading →

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