Marriage is Hard! Or 7 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong

7 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong Can I just say it? Marriage is the absolute hardest thing I’ve done.  It’s harder than birthing 4 babies.  Harder than homeschooling.  Harder than running a business.  I don’t know how else to… Continue Reading →

True, Pure, Right

You Are Never Too Far Gone

In Church yesterday my Pastor Preached on something that grabbed my heart.  His sermon was on The Sermon on the Mount, and the point of what he shared with us was not what grabbed me.  I can’t explain why these… Continue Reading →

Encouragement for a Mother’s Heart: When Facing Trials

There is a hard lesson that I think God is trying to teach me.  It has everything to do with trials and hardships and what on earth is going on when bad things happen in life.  Why does a good… Continue Reading →

But If We Confess

Today is Easter

Are You Separated From a Loved One this Easter? This Post is for You!

How to Cope with Being Away From a Loved One on Easter Guest Post by Kelli Brewer Please visit her website and support our military and their families year round.  Holidays are a special time that many people love to… Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry, Pray

I am Strong

My God Given Emotions

Yesterday I told my six-year-old daughter to pick up a toy fan in the living room. Three more times I found that fan In the living room. Three more times I told her to pick it up. She finally did…. Continue Reading →

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