How to Save Money on Your Next Home Appliance

In a previous article, we talked about some hacks you can use to save money on your next vacation. These hacks are easy to implement, and they help you save a substantial amount here and there, so not using them… Continue Reading →

Money Saving Hacks To Help Your Household Stay Below Its Budget

Are you blowing out your household’s budget every month? Perhaps you just can’t reach your savings goal, no matter how hard you try. If so, there are some easy way that can help you cut down on unnecessary waste and… Continue Reading →

Art of the Ancients from ARTistic Pursuits | Review

One of my favorite things to do in our homeschooling curriculum is to tie all of our subjects into history.  Art, music, science, math, you name it.  If we can relate it to our history study, we do!  Recently I… Continue Reading →

Mom Means It: Do Your Actions Align With Your Intentions?

Take your job as a mother seriously can be incredibly tough. Of course, when you have kids, putting them first and focusing on their needs will come naturally to you. But at the same time, you can still only work… Continue Reading →

Why Your Community Is Everything and How to Look After It

Community is one of the most important gifts we can be given. These are the people who will watch out for you and your family when you need them but also the people who are dependant on you for something… Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Musical Instrument for Your Kid

There’s likely to come to a point in your child’s development where they will come home keen to learn to play an instrument. If not, you can always encourage them! Playing music is a brilliant pastime for any child and… Continue Reading →

Teaching Cursive to Young Children | Review

My eight-year-old daughter crossed what she considers to be an exciting milestone!  It is time to learn to write in cursive!  She’s a fancy kind of girl and thinks cursive writing is a fancy kind of writing.  I’m excited she’s… Continue Reading →

Best Pets You Can Count For Your Kid

Pets are good to have, no matter which pet it is. Pets are the best buddies parents can get for their children. A house with loving pets can create an environment which spreads love and friendship. Pets help with this to… Continue Reading →

Critical Thinking Detective Book 1 from The Critical Thinking Co.™ | Review

Every day in our homeschool my family sits together to read stories, memorize poetry and scripture, or study art and music.  We call it Morning Time, and it’s a concept that is becoming quite popular in the homeschooling world.  One… Continue Reading →

5 Tips To Live Smart In A Tech-Friendly Home

Technology has become an inherent part of every individual’s life. However, your whole family can leverage smart living ways by creating a tech-friendly home. It might sound difficult, but a tech-friendly home is possible for everyone. People usually think that… Continue Reading →

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