My oldest son is just about to turn 13 years old!  He’s an eighth grader this year and high school is staring us down.  While I feel he still has plenty of time for God to lead him on his life’s course we still thought it would be a lot of fun to take the CashCrunch Careers survey from CashCrunch Games.

The company CashCrunch Games was created by Paul Vasey.  He has spent his life teaching Business Studies.  He creates games that teach children about money and how to make best use of it.  There are free trials of the games on the website I urge you to check out. CashCrunch Careers was designed to help children begin to answer the question about… “What will you do with your life?”

Noah was given the opportunity to take something of a personality quiz. He was given two attributes to chose from and he had to choose the attribute he felt better described who he is. His choices included things like Courageous or Sociable, Likable or Adaptable, Truthful or Educated… etc. There were 75-word pairs for him to work through.  If your student gets stuck or is unsure of how to answer a word pair they can always continue on and come back to the ones they wanted to think on more.

With that information, CashCrunch Careers provides your student with a Careers Report.  The program matches the students attributes to great jobs.  The potential careers are presented in a list with links that lead you to more information and even videos that provide more information including what the job entails and what kind of education.

Within the Careers Report, your student will be provided with information about their work style such as what kinds of jobs they would like to do and what they would be able to do.  The report includes information about what motivates and demotivates the student.  You’ll also get information about Career Attributes which are the qualities that are inherently a part of the student.  Of course, there are the Career Matches that line up the jobs that are most suitable for the student.  The list of possible careers is actually ranked according to how suitable they will be for the student.

What did Noah think of the results? 

Interestingly almost every career that was suggested was some sort of management position.  That idea suits him fine since he has a dream career already… he wants to own and manage horse farm someday.  It’s been his dream for 6 or 7 years now.  That did basically make the list too, down at number 11.  The rest of the careers all seemed to be indoor, cubical style, professions.  That surprised both him and me since neither of us can imagine him in such an environment.  This is a child who adores the outdoors, history, and animals. He also LOVES teaching which didn’t come up at all. I can see him working in some sort of living museum caring for the animals and or giving classes and tours. Or, running his own horse farm teaching students to ride.  As his mom, I had hoped to see some options that might line up with those passions but that’s not what came up with the exception of one career suggestion out of 20.  What we all did learn is that he is likely well suited for a leadership style position.

He’s still young, time will tell, right?


We had a good experience with this career survey.  I’d like to see him do this again in a couple of years as he gets closer to an age where he has to start directing his life in some sort of direction.

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