Barbour Publishing sent us two new titles Who Was Jonah?  and Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? which are part of their Kingdom Files series.  Both my daughter 8-year-old Joyanna and my 10-year-old son Ezra enjoyed these entertaining yet educational books.

If you aren’t familiar with Barbour Publishing, then you may like to know that this is a Christian publishing company that releases more than 100 Christian books and other materials every year.  They develop materials for every age.  I love their mission: “To inspire the world with the life-changing message of the Bible.”

Matt Koceich is the author behind the Kingdom FIles series of books. These are non-fiction biography intended for children around 8-12 years of age. These books dive in the life of well-known characters from the Bible. With each book, the reader not only learns details about the character’s life but also how God worked in the character’s life and through his/her life for the good of the world.

The books are divided up by section.  The first section is referred to as the “Fact File” where you read about details or the facts.  Who they were, what they did, where they lived, and other related information.  Included is something of a timeline so the reader can get an idea of what other things were happening at the time of the character’s life.

Next is the “Action File” which is where we learn about the parts of the Bible where the character can be found.  Along the way, the reader finds clues and prompts that help them dig deeper into the story of the character.

The final part of the book is the “Power File.” Here everything comes together.  The reader learns all about the actual Biblical lessons God is looking to teach us through the character’s story and how we can apply those lessons to our lives.  The Bible verses for memorization are carefully chosen to reinforce these ideas.

Each paperback book is approximately 85 pages long.  Included in those pages are delightful illustrations, a note to the deader, a page about the other, and some empty pages for note-taking.

Ezra chose to read the book about Jonah first.  Ezra was excited to learn some details about Jonah’s story that he didn’t know. Like how far into the ocean Jonah sunk or just how far he tried to swim before the big fish swallowed him up.  This sort of information delighted my son.

In the “Power Up” section my son enjoyed reading about what it means to live in faith through prayer, praise, and studying scripture.  He enjoyed being reminded about God’s love for him.

Ezra says he really likes how the book reminds him of a series of biographies borrows from the library except for this time it is all about wonderful characters from the bible.  He really appreciated the details provided on the pages.  The author has been quite in-depth here.

My daughter Joyanna read through the book about Mary.  She too loved it and appreciated the fine details presented.  Joyanna was really surprised to realize Mary was only a teenager and that God could something so grand and such a deep responsibility onto the shoulders of someone so very young.  It made my daughter think about how God could use her, at only just 8 years old to do glorious things for him.


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