Is your family into superheroes? If they are I think I have a book they will adore! When Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith by The Captain Sun Adventures came into our home it was snatched up and devoured by both of my boys. This is a devotional written in comic format by Bryce Morgan and illustrated by Mitch Martin. It’s a great book and I’m excited to tell you all about it.

As far as comic books are concerned, this one is really well done.  The graphics and illustrations are spot on.  Every chapter has a few pages of comics and then at the end, you’ll find something that is more newspaper in style. The book begins with the origins of the superheroes and ties that into our own origins as humans, as people made in God’s own image.  The “newspaper” style page gives us the “take-aways” or the lessons/conclusions and it ties everything neatly together.

After the origins, the theme of the chapters moves on to Jesus and his roll in the story.   The second chapter is all about Rescue. It really puts Jesus to the forefront as our greatest superhero and our savior.

The next chapter links the concept of sin with that of the Bad Guy while.  Chapter four is all about power and the power of God.  We have power through God’s help, Jesus, and prayer. Chapter five is all about meeting needs and how superheroes and those who want to be like them can use the gifts God has given us to help other people. Chapter six has a neat theme and lesson.  It’s called “Secret Identity.”  In this chapter we learn about how when we help we should do so in secret, not to get recognition. The last chapter is all about God’s team, which is the church herself.

When this book arrived it was quickly scoffed off by my 10-year-old son. I always have trouble keeping books from him.  Ha!  It’s a small paperback that is easily read in one sitting.  Or each chapter can be done as a family and drawn out over a time of devotion over many days.  How you use it is really up to you.

Overall this book is very well done.  As I mentioned before, the graphics are well thought out and excellent quality comic drawings.  I do like how the characters are drawn appropriately and not in the more modern overly muscled or overly revealing manner of a lot of modern comic books.  This book does a really great job of explaining Biblical themes in a format that a lot of children will really enjoy.  It can be used as a great jumping off point for the family to explore the Bible.  The Chronicle pages (newspaper) are what really shines for me as a parent.  It is where the lessons are learned and the conclusions are drawn out.  This book can really help children understand what might be rather vague concepts by making them concrete and understandable.  I really recommend this book for the superhero fans in your life.

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Rescue Me! What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith {The Captain Sun Adventures Reviews}

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