If you have boys between the ages of 12 and 20, you’ll want to check out Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality from Great Waters Press.  Let me tell you all about it because I’m hoping that you’ll race to get a copy for yourself.  This book is just that useful.

My biggest baby isn’t a baby anymore.  It is still somewhat crazy for me to think about the fact that my first born child will become a teen this fall.  He still is such an innocent soul.  My boy still loves to dig in the dirt, dress-up and reenact battles from the Revolutionary War, draw, sit in the woods and listen to for hawks, and most of all he loves to care for and ride horses.  Girls are still just good friends and anything different sounds absurd to him.  In so many ways he still just a little boy.  Be still my mommy heart because I know that will change so fast.

And then, there is this world we live in!  A world is full of anti-biblical ideas about relationships and sex. I’ve known first hand in my marriage how easy it can be for men (and I can’t deny women too) to fall rabbit holes that lead to temptation and warped ideas about intimacy.  My husband was sucked into that world when he wasn’t much older than our son, and it has had a tremendous impact on our marriage.  Both my husband and I are passionate about helping our boys avoid what my husband faced.

This is where the book  Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality from Great Waters Press comes in.  The mission behind this book is to help parents tackle these issues from a very Biblical perspective with truth and practical advice.

The intended audience for this books isn’t moms and dads but don’t let that stop you from picking up your copy.  You’ll gain so much wisdom to help the young men in your life and then when the time is right you can pass the book on to your sons.  The books is written for teens to young adults.  It is straight-forward and practical.  It aims to help men resist temptations and prepare for someday marriage. It’s a safe place for boys with uncomfortable questions answered with real practical methods for breaking away from any sin they are already caught up in. It’ll teach them how to have excellent and godly relationships with the girls while keeping their someday wife in their heart. The book is concise, just 95 pages, and it is packed.

The six chapters include:

  • Sex Was God’s Idea
  • It’s All Connected
  • The Enemy Perverts God’s Design
  • How Can a Young Man Keep His Way Pure?
  • Recovering From a Fall
  • Guys and Girls

I want to emphasize how practical this book is.  You’ll find frank discussions about the body works, how temptations interfere with our best plans and what to about them and how to regain purity and prevent future sin.

I’m not exactly sure when I’ll have my oldest son read this book.  We’ve discussed most of the topics in this books in some fashion in the past although I admit we were never quite so practical specific.  I see that as our next step in our on-going conversation.  He needs to know I’m there for him and his various feelings are normal, but God has a big and beautiful plan.  This book will give us another tool to jump-start the next part of our dialog.  I plan to use it in precisely that way.  I don’t recommend just handing it over and demanding they read it.  Use it as a tool to open doors.

I keep using the word practical in this review because that is the best way to describe this book.  There is useful information in there about even the nitty gritty like conception and childbirth. How differently God created men and women but how He did so to have us complement each other.  What a gift sex is to marriage and what the big picture meaning and purpose is within it. I’m telling you this book covers it all.

The authors Hal and Melanie Young give us a book with strong facts and information on which to view the Biblical truth that we are, as God’s children, set-apart.  That our boy can avoid the traps of porn and premarital sex that the world insists are good and normal.

This book is so direct and makes it very clear what God is saying about all of these issues.  It explains how God designed us men and women, and why.  How He created sex as a beautiful gift for marriage.  The book does not take the anti-male attitude of blaming guys for everything, and I especially appreciated that.

The book gives a lot of great warnings for situations or people that could lead to temptation with practical ideas about avoiding them. There is a section called “Five Point Defense” that advises men to leave a situation pray, read scripture, sing or praise God, and seek accountability from someone with Godly wisdom.  The book does not advise young men to avoid girls.  It encourages friendships but advises boys to be wise of the situations they put themselves in.

The best part of the book is the discussion of God’s incredible gift of grace.  This book doesn’t shame a young man who has already fallen into temptation but seeks to help him recover from it and start over under God’s loving forgiveness.

I highly recommend this book.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  It’s a powerhouse packed into 95 short little pages.  And moms, you read it too.  It’ll help you understand your boys and your husband and see them with the kind of love that God sees them.

You can learn more about the book Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality here.  You’ll find it available in many formats including eBook and mp3 download.  You can learn more about Great Waters Press and all the resources they have to offer on their websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest pages.

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