We all know the importance of staying healthy and being active, and it starts from a pretty young age. But unfortunately, with the way things are in the world, it can feel like a battle to get our children to move more and exercise, as there is a big pull towards gaming, computers, and social media. But with the recommendation for school children to be getting at least one hour of exercise a day, what can we be doing to get our children to exercise more? Here are some simple solutions to help.


Walk To School

If you’re not homeschooling and are in a position to be able to walk to school, then it can be worth doing. Sometimes there are school buses for schools that are not that far away. So perhaps walking over as a family is a better idea? A practical way to exercise, and it will be pretty straightforward to make a part of your day.


Make it Fun

When you and your kids enjoy sport or exercise, then it makes it much more likely that they will want to do it, especially without being asked or encouraged by you. So finding something that they enjoy is a really good idea. Try lots of different things. It is also a good idea to try a few other things to make it fun. You could look at getting some custom youth football uniforms with their name on or for their favorite team. You could make it competitive if your kids enjoy that, or make a traditional game or sport a little bit silly (like playing baseball with water balloons, for example).


Involve All The Family

It can be fun to get all of the family involved, and it also leads by example. But getting the whole family involved can help if there is one child that you’re concerned about or that normally won’t join in with the exercise. It will get them involved without them having to be singled out. It is a great thing to help create some lasting memories for your children too. So think of things like bike rides or a game of softball or basketball as a family.

Simply Send Them Outside

Over the summer vacation, it can feel like you never know what your kids should be doing; it can be a long summer break. But sometimes it may just need to be a case of taking their tablets or games off them and just sending them outdoors. It could be to your yard if you have one, or down to your local park. They will come to see this as an important thing if it is shown to be that way.


Kid’s Choice

Keep the conversation open with your children and talk to them about what they do or don’t enjoy. It is a good idea to help them be able to try a variety of different things. But you need to then follow up to see what they enjoyed the best. They’ll be more likely to stick at it if they enjoy it and they chose it.