As a family that takes the study of apologetics, the Bible, and science all very seriously I thought it was interesting to have the opportunity to review the introductory video Taking the Mystery Out of Geology and to have my dinosaur fascinated kids take the Dinosaurs and the Bible from Northwest Treasures.

Northwest Treasures is a company that creates all kinds of geology classes and products that teach the topic from a Christian perspective.  We were eager to learn how the material would differ from most secular sources on the topics.

The Dinosaurs and the Bible course was designed for children in grades five all the way through to adults.  I had my two boys, ages 10 and 12, watch the videos and answer the provided study sheet questions but I also had my 8-year-old daughter listen in too, just to see what she’d get from it.

This is a six video course that uses the Vimeo platform. The videos are all about 20 minutes long and you get access to worksheets with study questions and a final quiz.

Each video is a slideshow of images with a teacher’s voice explaining in something of a lecture style the course material.  You don’t ever see the teacher, you hear his voice as you look at the slides.  It very much reminded me of my days in college lecture halls with the professor pushing through his material as the class sat passively listening and note-taking.  I gave my kids the worksheets to fill out as they watched.

Part 1: How We Got Our Modern View of Dinosaurs

This video explores the history of dinosaur discovery and gives a few details about some of the pioneers of dinosaur discovery.  It also explores other concepts such as deism and how that has influenced science.  Darwinism is discussed at length especially how it conflicts with the biblical understanding of how life was created. The teacher argues that today’s modern view of dinosaurs isn’t very scientific and he gives plenty of scientific argument to back that theory up.  It was pretty interesting.

Part 2: The Classification of Dinosaurs

We learn about taxonomy and the Linnaean classification system and why it is flawed to use for extinct animals. We also learn the problems with Darwin’s Tree of Life theory.  Again, the video aims to pick apart the flaws in much of modern science and does a very good job backing up these arguments.

Part 3: The Great Dinosaur Rush

This video gets into the historical events of the mid-1800’s when there was a rush to find the dinosaur bones buried.  There is a rundown of two of the great dinosaur hunters of the time Marsh and Cope, their relationship, and their influence on what we know about dinosaurs.

Part 4: The Extinction of Dinosaurs

This video dives into that all-important questions of what happened to the dinosaurs?  The teacher talks in depth about secular theories such as the great asteroid and how there is no scientific evidence to back any of them up. There is also discussion of the four divisions of the Biblical Historical Framework which include Creation, the Pre-Flood period or Fall, the Flood and the Post-Flood period.

Part 5: Dinosaurs and the Ice Age

In this video, we learn about the ‘glaciology’ and the father of that arm of science whose name was Agassiz.  There is a lot of interesting information about how Noah’s flood could have triggered an ice age and what that might of meant for creatures like the dinosaurs.

Part 6: Fossils, Age, and Soft Tissue

In the final video, we dive into fossils and their use by scientists as “time-markers.”  We dive into radio-metric dating and the significance of non-fossilized soft tissue.

The Videos Summarized

The over-all driving messages you’ll get from this course is that there are a lot of flaws scientific flaws in modern scientific thinking about the age of the earth and how/when dinosaurs lived.  You’ll gain a lot of knowledge about the influences on scientists that have colored their findings or conclusions about the earth we live on. You’ll also learn a lot of scientific evidence for the great flood that could explain much of what currently seems unexplainable.

Introductory video for the Take the Mystery out of Geology Online Course

We were also given something of an introductory video to watch.  Here the narrator gives a reasoned explanation for why studying science and geology from a Christian worldview is so important. There is an emphasis on Scripture and the idea that science and the Bible do go hand-in-hand. It also gives us some background terminology to help us start off with a good understanding of the topics to be covered.

You might be excited to know that you can bring a hands-on element to the course.  You can purchase fossils!  from Northwest Treasures.  I think my children would have really appreciated having these sorts of materials on hand as we studied these videos.

I may look into the PreK-3rd grade Geology for “Little Eyes” program for my younger two daughters. They may enjoy that a lot.

If you are at all familiar with you’ll be excited to know that Northwest Treasures has a range of classes available within that platform.

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