We tend to be a little techy in our family.  My husband works in the tech field, and at least one of our boys is very much the “Mini-Me” to his Daddy.  I knew he’d enjoy the opportunity to review Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming (Volume 1) from Code for Teens and I was right. He’s been having a good time with this program since it arrived at our home a few weeks ago.

The thing that makes this book/program stand out from others is not only the fact that it was written by a homeschooling dad but also it goes pretty in-depth into why technology does what it does. It is correctly set up for teens to follow at their own comfortable pace. It is meant to be the groundwork for learning to code well into the future.

This program is intended for the teen to use independently without any help from a parent or teacher.  Every chapter contains information, practice drills, reviews, and quizzes.  Practice drills are completed until the teen grasps the material.  Each chapter builds on the next, so it is important the learner feels confident in their learning before moving ahead to the next thing. The program can be done on a computer or a tablet as long as the Chrome web-browser is available.

The book contains 10 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Hello World!
  • Chapter 2: Time to Operate
  • Chapter 3: Comment on the String Section
  • Chapter 4: Have Some Functions
  • Chapter 5: Shall I Compare?
  • Chapter 6: Logically Operational
  • Chapter 7: Projects Galore
  • Chapter 8: Hip Hip Array!
  • Chapter 9: Loop a Round
  • Chapter 10: Make a Hangman Game

How We Used This

I decided that my 10-year-old Ezra would be the best fit and have the most interest in this product and I was right.  Ezra has had some coding experience before.  He enjoys a challenge and is ahead in most academic areas by several years. I thought it’d be best to make this a completely self-guided, self-driven study.  I handed him the book and told him to have at it.  He did a fantastic job rising the occasion.

Each day he would work through the book until he came to a comfortable stopping point.  On chapter typically took him four days to complete.  He usually worked for about 20 minutes per day.  He was completely independent in his work. He has completed the first four out of 10 chapters so far. Let me share with you what he thinks of the program in his own words:

The author does a great job of explaining everything so that made it pretty easy to follow.  The program showed me how to do things like make code to average numbers. I learned how to combine parts of code to do things like author a paragraph.  I also learned how to use code to divide things into groups like teams for a game.

I think the book is laid out really well, so it was always easy to find exactly what I needed. There were a lot of explanations about how to use these codes in real life. There are lots of chances to practice coding and that helped me really understand everything. The quizzes were really good for reviewing.  The questions were really clear, and if I didn’t know something, it was easy to go back and find the information in the chapter.

I really want to continue with the rest of the book because it can be really helpful if I ever want to get a job doing something like this.


This is a great book.  A great coding program.  We really recommend it.  It was a blessing to receive.

Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner's Guide to Programming {Code for Teens Reviews}
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