Community is one of the most important gifts we can be given. These are the people who will watch out for you and your family when you need them but also the people who are dependant on you for something too.

Our communities have become more and more fractured in the modern age, and though we might find people who think and feel as we do online, it is more important than ever to connect locally too. But where do you start in the internet age?

Find Your Church

If you have moved recently, one of the first places you can find your community is at your local church or family worship center. Here, you will be able to meet prominent members of the local community and join together in your faith each week. As you settle into your new home, the congregation will be able to advise you on where to eat, shop and relax around the community, not to mention let you get stuck straight into helping people locally.

Sometimes it is difficult to leave for somewhere new, but knowing that there is a church who can look after you will be a boost to your confidence. Your church community will quickly become your new family, just give it some time.

Support Local Causes

Community strength is about bringing everyone the quality of life they deserve no matter what their situation. This means that if you want to live in a strong and supportive community, you need to get involved in the strengthening and supporting roles available.

Sometimes supporting the community might be as simple as holding a bake sale to raise some money or hosting an event to raise awareness, but there are other things you can do too. Older adults are often left living alone with little to no support and by looking after them – even just popping in for a chat once in a while – can be a great healer for them.

By banding together as a community, you can make a big difference to the way everyone lives and spread happiness around your neighborhood. Join the local community group or set one up yourself to get started.

Love Thy Neighbor

Though it is easy for us to see why community and community spirit is so important, there will always be others who don’t want to get involved and may even be disruptive. As frustrating as this is, remember that they are always going to be the minority and by working together you can at least mitigate their actions.

Offer everyone a hand and give everyone a chance to join the community group. Rather than berating bad behavior, focus on encouraging the good and allow everyone the chance to find their place in the group.

Though our communities are changing and more and more of us are living in cities now, there is always somewhere you can find a group. Like-minded people are more common than you might think and you just have to look a bit harder to see them.