My eight-year-old daughter crossed what she considers to be an exciting milestone!  It is time to learn to write in cursive!  She’s a fancy kind of girl and thinks cursive writing is a fancy kind of writing.  I’m excited she’s homeschooling because I read in our local paper that cursive writing has fallen by the wayside at our local public school.  We were blessed with probably the perfect cursive writing program for her.   Memoria Press has created the New American Cursive 1, for children just her age to learn all the intricacies of cursive writing!

What I love about this particular cursive writing program is that it was created based on some solid research. In the introductory pages of this workbook, you’ll find lots of great info about why cursive is important and why introducing it to children at a young age can be very beneficial. There are plenty of great tips to help you really set your student up for success including information on posture, and paper and pencil positioning.

So how does this program work?  First, the student will say the letter and the various sounds associated with that letter. Second, the teacher models for the student either in the air or on a large board like a whiteboard how to write the letter.  The student then traces that letter.  To make it even more fun you can write the letter very large in chalk on a driveway and have the child walk the letter. Finally, the student will write the letter.  With nice background music and a check of proper posture, pencil, and paper position the student will trace the letter on the sheet and then make their own letters.

Since the program arrived my daughter has pulled her workbook out without me prompting every day.  She even asked to work on this program on a Saturday.  She’s able to work through a lot of it independently but I do make sure I am paying attention and helping her trace the letters properly when she first writes a new letter.  I’ve had to hold her back from doing page after page after page all in one sitting.

What is most amazing to me is my eight-year-old has never truly had the best handwriting.  She has always somewhat resisted writing in a lot of ways.  She balked at learning the “right” way to form letters.  She tired relatively easily.  For some reason, none of these issues have shown themselves with the curriculum.  I thought for sure after the shiny newness had worn off, I’d get resistance.  I haven’t.  Not at all.  And her letters are very nice.  Most importantly she is just so proud of her handwriting with this program.  Memoria Press suggests that all of the time spent learning to print is actually detrimental to learning good penmanship and I’m starting to really believe that.  This is exciting to her and we are seeing great results.

I’m really pleased with Memoria Press and their New American Cursive 1. When she finishes this book I’ll move her on to New American Cursive 2. This program has been a great blessing.

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