Lucky you, and how lovely; you’ve been entrusted with the task of hosting a beautiful baby shower for a beloved mom-to-be. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed if you’ve just started the planning process. Some planning and preparation will ensure that the special event will run smoothly, without too many hiccups (baby might have a few). The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice to help you to organize a beautiful celebration for the mama and her incoming little one.

Presents And Gifts

Ask and see if the expectant mother wants or needs anything specific for her new baby. Try and put together a gift list to send around to the guests; this will enable each person to tick something off the list, and they’ll be no doubling up on presents. If you are part of a close friendship or family group, you could put your money together to create a hamper full of essentials, or the main gift that perhaps the new parents have been unable to afford. Thoughtful or meaningful items are another way to give the new mama something special that she and her child can appreciate forever. Products like Hearmuffs will make a functional gift, and be something baby and mom can utilize on an array of occasions; from festivals to travel plans. The main thing to consider when giving a present is the thought you’ve put into it.

Food And Decor

Baby shower themes can be pretty straightforward; however, you should always take into consideration the mom, and what she likes and enjoys. A classic pink or blue theme, if the gender of the baby is no longer a secret, is a lovely choice, and will make sourcing decorations, cups, and plates easy. Perhaps whether the little one is a boy or a girl is unknown, or you don’t feel like sticking to pink and blue; there is literally every color of the rainbow to choose from, so stop fretting. Pastel shades, gingham, and stripes are all gorgeous ways to incorporate the favorites hues of mom, in the bunting, balloons, and icing. The sweet treats at the shower can easily reflect the color palette and theme of the event; colored frosting, sprinkles and cake toppers are all excellent ways to incorporate your chosen shades. A buffet style offering is a relaxed and informal way to feed the guests and gives everybody the chance to bring a dish to the party. By involving the guests in providing the food, you’ll save yourself precious time and money.

Planning And Invites

Sort out a time and a venue as soon as possible, and make sure it’s around three weeks to a month before the baby is due to arrive (leaving it too close to the due date is a risky move). The best time for a shower is around lunchtime or early afternoon; this will ensure the guest of honor won’t be too tired, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy all the food, drink, and nibbles. If you’re planning a surprise for the future mama, then make sure you state that on your invitations; you don’t want anyone to let the exciting news slip. Now it’s time to enjoy the party!