While any occupation that deals directly with people, especially in the realm of healthcare, can help others to live a better quality of life, some careers simply offer you the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time. From illnesses to poverty, countless people are suffering every day and certain occupations can enable you to bring a ray of hope into their lives. These four careers are especially important when it comes to helping someone live a better quality of life.

1. Social Workers

Sometimes a person is lost and without direction. Such things as illness and poverty can keep them from living the quality of life they deserve. Social workers directly deal with those in need of services and are thus able to help them find the resources they need. For example, someone suffering from mental illness would speak with their county social worker to find mental health services in their community. Or, someone with ongoing financial or health-related issues may not know where to turn for the help they need. Yes, social workers can counsel that person, but more importantly, by its very definition, social work helps to match needs with services.

2. Occupational Therapists

There is nothing more depressing than living with a disability, be it permanent or temporary. Occupational therapists help their clients offer a therapeutic approach to living with disabilities. Whether helping their clients overcome living with a disability or to prevent them due to other issues in their lives, occupational therapists bring a ray of light into the lives of those they work with. This career deals with both the sufferers of health issues and those dealing with emotional, mental, or cognitive disturbances.

3. Respiratory Therapists

There is nothing quite as frightening as being unable to breathe. Imagine living with a chronic illness like asthma, especially at high altitudes where the air is already sparse! There are countless people with respiratory issues, chronic or acute, in cities like Denver that rely on a respiratory therapist to keep the airways open. If you are seeking to help others live a better quality of life by enabling them to breathe in that life-giving oxygen, you might want to check out a good respiratory therapist school Colorado has to offer.

4. Home Healthcare Aids

As of 2014, there were more than 12,400 home healthcare agencies in the United States serving millions of homebound patients. The highest segment of the population being served would be seniors, followed by those with terminal or other health-related issues. Some home healthcare aids work for private agencies while others are attached to public services and institutions. Without help coming into the home, these patients live a less than human quality of life in many cases, and so they rely on their aid to help them do anything from light housework to shopping to basic personal hygiene.

There are so many other career options that offer you a chance to help others live a better quality of life, but these are some of the quickest to qualify for and some of the careers most in need. At the end of the day, won’t you feel that much better knowing that you earned a living by helping to enrich someone else’s life? If you said, “yes,” these are the careers you might consider.