If there is anything more important to a homeschool family than books I have no idea what it is!  We recently were recently given the opportunity to review a different sort of book created by Weigl Publishers.   They sent us three digital books to review. We received Glaciers, A Lion’s World, and There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant.  These books were great fun for my 3-year-old and some of her older siblings!

What are media enhanced books anyway?  I’m glad you asked.  These books are interactive which adds a new element to a child’s reading excitement.  The books can read for you.  There are educational videos embedded in them. Plus printables to extend the learning.  You’ll find layered maps, timelines, graphs, quizzes, and more.

My 3-year-old Eliza absolute loved A Lions World.  Her big sister Joyanna also got a lot from it as it is geared for students in grades k-2.  This book uses something called EYEDISCOVER.  Best used on a computer or tablet it makes it possible for a child to listen and read along as the book is read aloud.  Added in are some great enhancements like sounds and motion.  Lions roar, baby cubs run by, and more. It makes the perfect companion to a little unit on lions or animals in general.

Another book we got to review was called There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant.  This is another book for the child ages k-2.  This book was different from the last.  It is called a AV² book.  You get to decide if you or your child will read it or have the book read aloud to you. It has a great feature for early readers.  You or your child can click on the words you see on the page to have them read aloud.  Get stuck on a word and poof, the book reads it for you.  This is a delightful and hysterical book.  Your child will likely be drawn in just for the fun of it.  My 7-year-old was laughing so hard her big brothers had to come elbow in to see what was so funny.

The last book we were able to review as called Glaciers.  The book is intended for an older audience compared to the other two.  It is best for children in grades 3-6.  This one is enhanced by using something called Lightbox with a code you’ll need.  This book was really a pretty detailed study guide.  It is filled with video clips that help tell a story but give real scientific information about glaciers.  There is a lot of scientific information by clicking on like graphs and timelines.  Also included are worksheets that pop up to fill in.

This book really takes things to a new level with the included experiment.  This book won’t be finished in just one sitting.  It is best absorbed over a few days.  The pictures are so amazing.  Everyone in my family was totally fascinated.  Even my husband!

We have had a great time with these very special books.  There are many other titles I know my children would love.  They have 1800 different choices so you know you’ll find a book (or 10) for everyone in your family.  Check them out on their website.  And check out the other reviews from the rest of the review crew below.

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