This morning my husband blessed me in an incredible way and it has inspired me to start something new here on my blog. I hope to bring to you a bit of encouragement each Monday morning as my husband has blessed me and encouraged me! Let me back up a bit a explain some more….

We are FINALLY into spring and beautiful weather.  Here in New England we should expect decent weather, highs in the 50’s or more back into March… but this has been a LONG and DREARY winter.  We are finally soaking up some fun and sun and outdoor time but I have to admit I’m still trying to shake the blahs of winter.

This morning I walked down to my desk to make sure I am organized for my day.  Homeschool plans, worksheets printed, what’s our dinner tonight?  Anything on our calendar I missed?  All typical mom stuff.  As I approached my chair I found something out of place.  A note from my husband.  Just a simple scripture verse he left for me.  How did he know I’d need encouragement today?


My fellow homeschool/business running/busy moms of the world…. even if your husband doesn’t articulate it as well as mine did this morning (which, can I say is totally stunning and out of character for him) this is how he feels about you!  Our Lord and Savior also has full confidence in you.  You can do this day!  Serving your family is an act of worship.  Even the small mundane things of the day are bringing glory to God.

I pray you have a blessed day!