Spelling and my 7-year-old daughter! It’s been a source of frustration for both of us.  I’ve tried a program or two.  Online games.  Making up lists of our own.  Nothing seemed to work.  Every time she would sit to write she wanted me to spelling every single letter of every single word.  This momma doesn’t have TIME for that.  Plus, learning to spell well really is vital in my opinion.  When the opportunity came along to review Traditional Spelling I from Memoria Press I got rather excited. We’ve reviewed other Memoria Press programs before, and I knew a spelling program from them would be well done.

We received the full Traditional Spelling I complete set including the teacher’s manual, consumable student book which includes 34 lessons, a set of flashcards, a book of practice sheets, and a phonics book with all of the letter sounds and lists of words.

This program is straightforward and completely open and go.  There is no prep required.  That’s so important to me.  While spelling is incredibly important, it still is not a big enough part of our curriculum that I want to be spending time planning lessons.  The teacher’s manual does a great job describing every activity in every lesson.  You can stick with the lessons precisely as they are laid out or tweak them according to your family.  It is all entirely up to you.  Either way, I think you’ll find success with your student.

This program uses phonics as the basis for it’s approach to spelling.  Every lesson tackles different vowel and consonant blends.  Every day brings a different spelling activity.  Traditional Spelling 1 is best for first and second grades.

The lessons are supposed to be broken up into five days with the last day being the test day.  We usually did a lesson in 3 or 4 days at most.  Most of the time we spent 10-15 minutes, and we were done.  If my daughter seemed to be remembering how to spell the words we just moved on.  If she needed extra practice with the words, there is an entire workbook full of them.  Flexibility and moving at my child’s pace is essential to me, and this program allows for it.

What kind of activities does the child do?

    • Reviewing word definitions
    • arranging words on sentence strips into sentences
    • practicing sounds in the phonics book
    • writing words in the student book according to directions (i.e., all of the silent e words together)
    • “colorful letters” – writing over letter pairings
    • “word math” – an activity where the student subtracts a letter and then adds a new letter to make a word i.e. mate – m + g = gate
    • dictation
    • completing sentences

My daughter found level one pretty easy.  She is a solid reader yet we struggled so much with spelling.  For whatever reason, this program just clicked for her.  It’s been just the ticket we needed to give her the confidence boost she seemed to lack.  The words she’s learned to spell have stuck with her, and her overall spelling is improving.

This program is very set in the phonics approached to spelling.  You’ll learn spelling rules and patterns that help a child learn to spell not only the word list for the week but other related words as well.

The teacher’s manual also includes a helpful dictionary and a whole bunch of spelling games you can use more fun spelling practice.

What did my daughter have to say?

Joyanna is going to be turning 8 in a month.  She said “I LOVE this spelling.  It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!”

It’s the first spelling program she’s found success with.  We are zooming through it and looking forward to Traditional Spelling Level II in the future.

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