Every once in a while I come across a movie that makes me pause and reflect on some important aspect of my life.  It makes me take notice of something I hadn’t thought much about or points me in a new direction I was expecting.  Recently I had the opportunity to review the movie Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures, and now I’m looking at my role in my children’s lives very differently.

Princess Cut is the story of a young lady named Grace.  Grace is everything I hope my daughters will be someday.  She is a strong Christian girl pursuing an education and friendships.  She is close to her parents and her brothers.  She has life goals and ambitions.  She also has a desire to find a lifelong love and marriage that is pleasing to the Lord.  When her well laid out plans to see that love go awry, she starts to question everything about her self and her direction in life.  All of the well-meaning people in her life, including her not so Christ following friend, further add to Grace’s confusion.  She finds following God’s will isn’t as easy to do as it should seem to be.

In walks Jared, who pushes Grace away from all of her convictions.  Then comes Clint who strives to honor God in everything he does.. or does he?  And is he the one Grace wants? After all, her heart has been broken too many times already. Who will care for her the way she deserves?

Grace struggles with relationships (with family, friends, and guys), worldliness, and her desire to line up her life with God’s will.  I could tell you what happens, but I don’t want to spoil the movie for you.

How did this movie impact me?

I watched this movie with my husband and all 4 of my children ages 3-12.  It is classified as a romantic drama, and most of my family probably wouldn’t have chosen to watch it on their own if I hadn’t insisted.  Romantic dramas aren’t the stuff 10, and 12-year-old boys gravitate too.  But I’m happy I had them watch anyway. Bribing them with popcorn certainly helped.

If you are ready to start thinking about and praying over your children’s future spouses, this movie is for you.  If you are prepared to begin shaping your children’s expectations for who and how to date at some time in the future, this movie is for you.  If you haven’t thought much about your role as a parent in helping your children navigate the dating life one day, this movie is for you.

This is a movie I think I will have my family watch again and again.  Not only is a great drama that you’ll enjoy simply for the storyline, but it is also packed with great conversation starters for helping you shape your children as they grow.  It is great for discussion of Biblical ideas about dating, finding a spouse, how to treat friends, how to treat the opposite sex, how to EXPECT to be treated by the opposite sex and other friends, what role parents should play, what role God’s will should play, what the world tells us about dating and relationships, and on and on and on.  I can start all of these conversations with even my seven-year-old daughter right up to my 12-year-old son.

The most significant reminder this movie gave me, I should be down on my knees praying for my children’s future spouse’s every day.  And it is up to my husband and me to help our children pursue Godly relationships.

I’ve probably just barely scratched the surface of the Biblical themes presented in this movie.  There is so much year.  All tied up in the neat package of a GREAT film your family will enjoy watching simply for the fun of it.

I think you’ll enjoy Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures.  I know we did.

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