In times gone by, religion played a vital role in family life. However, today that isn’t always the case, or at least in the majority of families it isn’t. Modern life has, in many ways, left religion out. When our grandparents, and even our parents, were children, religion and the church formed an integral part of day-to-day life. But today, things are vastly different – many schools no longer incorporate religion into assemblies as they did in the past, for instance.

While religion may not play such a major role in day-to-day life that it once did, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make religion an important part of your family’s life. Do you want to find little ways to incorporate religion into family life? Below are some ideas for ways that you can do that.

Take your kids to your place of worship

A great way to make religion a clearly defined part of family life is to take your children to church – or to wherever your family’s religious practices. By taking your kids to your place of worship, you can teach them more about their religious heritage. If you are part of an inter-religious relationship, ensure that your children are taken to both places or worship and learn about the practices and beliefs of each. You don’t have to attend your place of worship every week; you can simply attend during special holidays or once a month at the family service that most religions offer.

Educate your family on religious practices

As part of your quest to incorporate religion into family life, it’s a good idea to take the time to educate your family on religious practices. For instance, you could use websites like to show them about the types of products priests use for various religious practices, or you could watch videos on YouTube of different practices taking place. Don’t just celebrate holidays like Easter, Christmas, and Diwali, take the time to actually explain to your children why we celebrate them so that they understand what the day is all about.

Surround your children with religion-based media

From games apps that are based around religion to storybooks that feature religious practices and TV shows that incorporate religion, it’s essential to make religion a normal part of family life. Even if you aren’t overly religious, it’s still nice to teach your children about the practices that are a part of your religion. You don’t want to swamp your kids with your religion, you just want to make it a normal part of family life, and incorporating books and TV shows that show religion as a normal part of family life, can do that.

When it comes to family life, incorporating religion into it can be tough at times, especially when you don’t know how to go about it. However, the guide above should help to make doing so that little bit easier for you. Take note of the tips above, and you can make the process of making religion a ‘normal’ part of family life, much less stressful.