You and your family have thrived in your beautiful home for many years, so when it comes to having a clear out it can all seem very daunting. The truth is you have been going after your dream life for a long time now and things aren’t getting any easier. Although family is what makes you happy, it is often important to make some extra money in order to pursue your dreams. You want to help your family every step of the way and support them in all of their personal ventures. This can be done by looking for the hidden treasures in your home; you might not realize but you could be concealing some worthwhile gems.

Pluck up the courage to go through your bursting closets, your cluttered drawers and your messy garage, as you might find some expensive belongings that you didn’t know you had. By selling some of your unwanted treasures you could not only help others to find the goods they are looking for, but you could also create a small amount of extra income for your household. So explore these possibilities today and you won’t regret having the clearout.


Antique Amazements

You have a whole host of nostalgic childhood memories in your mind, but what if some of these could be turned into a little extra income? There are many toys and collectables which remain a firm, happy memory in your young heart, websites such as Do You Remember will help jog your memory. You might remember McDonalds Happy Meal toys or Beanie Babies when you were little. These things may seem insignificant, but you might actually be sitting on a goldmine if you have these items stored in your attic.

Even if you think you threw out all of your childhood memorabilia it is worth searching for a few odds and ends which could be worthwhile trinkets in the end. Head up into your attic and empty out some old boxes, which you had once forgotten about. You might just find some worthwhile collectables hidden up there, which will bring you one step closer to some additional income.


Clothes For Cash

You haven’t been on a shopping trip in a long time, but you also haven’t thrown away any clothes in your closet recently either. Perhaps you should consider having a huge clothing clear out, which will leave you with room to purchase some new items. Your children might have outgrown some of their clothing too, so be sure to cover the whole family with this project. There are tonnes of websites online which are specially designed for selling or swapping clothes, so be sure to check them out when you get a spare moment. Try to be a little ruthless when it comes to throwing away your unworn outfits; if you haven’t worn it in a few months, you should really be sending it off to a better home.


Garage Sale Glory

This is an excellent family friendly way of selling the odds and ends lying around your home. You can get everybody involved in this type of sales activity and you will be able to clear a whole load of space in your home. From unused toys to ancient books, you never know what your neighbours will want to invest in, so be sure to get the whole community involved. Garage sales can teach children the value of money and it is also an excellent way to show them how fortunate they are in their lives. Not everybody is lucky enough to have toys, so be sure to explain to them that not everybody has this type of privilege.  



Online Outreach

Your local church or community will always be in need of donations, so make sure they are your first port of call when getting rid of useful objects around your home. Look online for outreach programmes and gather together any pieces which might be helpful to those in need. In the winter you might want to donate coats and blankets to homeless shelters and Christmas is the perfect time to dig out toys for underprivileged children. Being rich isn’t always about the money; you will have a rich heart if you do good deeds such as this on a regular basis.

If your dream is to help others and live a fulfilled life, then this is the type of thing you should be helping with whenever you can. The power of the online world can be a huge helping hand to those who aren’t as fortunate as us, so you might want to use your social media to organize food drives and clothing collections every so often. People will follow your lead if you start the trend, so don’t be afraid to take a stand and make these groundbreaking moves. Handing out your unwanted belongings will make someone else’s life one hundred percent better, without you even realizing the power of your small and kind gesture.


Some of your old possessions might carry a lot of sentimental value, but you don’t need to part ways with these special things that mean a lot to you. Simply look hard and deep into your untouched bits and pieces and you might just find something worth selling. You don’t always need to make any money from this clear out either; there are plenty of places looking for charitable donations which would greatly appreciate your old treasures.

You might want to approach this as a new chapter in your life; getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Whatever stage of life you are in, it can never hurt to cleanse and declutter your home, as it clears the mind at the same time. You could be one step closer to achieving your personal dreams and making a much needed new start. Overall, you want to try and make some extra income for your family, create a clean and clear living situation and help out others in need. A refreshed abode and motivated mind will soon be yours if you start the process today.