There are some pretty neat Bibles out there these days.  Some of them are taking advantage of the sophisticated technology available in smartphones and tablets.  Recently my two daughters have enjoyed reading the new interactive Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App from Planet 316 and WorthyKids/Ideals.

Planet 316 uses technology and games to spread the Gospel.  They make learning about Bible easy and fun for children and families.  The products are interactive and bring scripture to life in unique and amazing ways.

This unique Planet 316 Story hardcover Bible comes packed with over 100 Bible stories.  You’ll find both Old and New Testament stories in bright and vibrant colorful illustrations.  Every story includes scripture reference so that it is easy to find the story in whatever full Bible translation you choose.  The Bible on its own without the app I’m about to tell you about fantastic.  But then they kick it up a notch with augmented 3D reality.  Download the companion Planet 316 Bible Story App to your smartphone or tablet, hold it over a page, and suddenly the illustrations pop off of the page and come to life.

I took two short movies that you can see for yourself and you can get a better idea of what I’m trying to describe. Click the links below.



To find the companion Bible Story App for downloading you can use the QR code in the front of the Story Bible.  Scanning that will whisk you to the appropriate webpage and app store.  The app works wonderfully on my Apple iPhone 8+ and our much older iPad 2.  It is also available for Andriod devices.

The app is easy to use and very intuitive.  Right there on the screen, it explains just how to scan the Story Bible pages to make the images do their amazing thing.  The people in the stories will truly come to life.  Not only will you see the pop-up and move, you’ll hear them talk and make sounds.  The experience is truly delightful

I’ve been using this Story Bible and app mostly with my 3 and 9-year-old daughters.  They are at a wonderful age to really soak up the delightfulness in this product.  But make no mistake, I’ve found the Bible hidden away in my 10 and 12-year-old sons rooms as well.  They weren’t going to miss out on any of this fun, even if the preferred to do so on the sly.

Neither of my girls need any help navigating.  My older daughter is an independent reader so she is thrilled to go page by page all on her own.  My 3-year-old enjoys having mommy sit by her and read the words but she delights in the pictures all on her own.  Both of them love to tap on the pictures to see what might happen, who might talk or what might make some sort of sound.

One day when I was discussing the story of Sodom and Gomorrah with my older boys my 3-year-old Eliza dashed from the room and came scurrying back with our 316 Bible.  She was so excited because something she overheard me say to her brothers sparked her memory.  She was able to turn right to the story in the 316 Story Bible and read it to her.  She completely associated my discussion (which I hadn’t even intended to include her in) with what she’d seen in her 316 Bible all on her own.  Can we just toss our hands in the air to mommy win right there?  She beamed with pride and honestly so did I.

Overall I call Planet 316 Story Bible and Companion App a tremendous product.  It’s brought a lot of delight to our home.  What a fantastic gift this would be for nearly any special occasion for a younger child.

You can learn more about Planet 316 and the app by visiting their websiteFacebook, and Twitter pages.

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