The perfect math curriculum.  Does one exist? Nearly all of them have their pluses and I am fascinated by that. I love reviewing new math curriculums just so my family can see how they differ and perhaps pick up something new that they have never seen before.  Lately, my 10-year-old son Ezra has been learning math with Adaptive Math Curriculum Online from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.).

This online curriculum for grades 1-preAlgebra is unique in its intention.  The goal here is to find and fill any gaps in your child’s math learning.  You begin by choosing what grade you think your child should begin with.  And then the magic happens. First, there are a series assessments to measure all of the big math concepts in that grade level.  Based on those results instant individualized lessons and plans are created for your child.  Your child will only work on those concepts they are missing ore most weak in.

Every child gets their own individualized plan.  Once they move through the concepts they are most weak in they take more assessments to determine where to focus next.  All of the lessons and grading are done for you.  You’ll get a multitude of reports so you can see your child’s progress.

Setting up the parent and student account was simple.  I plugged my Ezra into 6th-grade math and set him loose.  Very little was required of my time and attention. Ezra has always been advanced in math typically by a couple of grade levels.  I actually considered placing him higher but since the intent of this program is to look for gaps in math I thought a little step back might be a good thing.  He is often self-taught in math and often hops from curriculum to curriculum just for the fun of it.  He likes to work on whatever math concept is most interesting to him in the moment and I’ve been ok with that.  But still, I thought this program could be pretty eye-opening.  How has this ad-hock method to math instruction been working for my son?  Are their major gaps in his math learning?

He mostly breezed through the assessments as I suspected he would.  The tests are timed but within the parent dashboard you can adjust that and allow for more time depending on your child’s needs.  At the conclusion of each assessment, we knew whether my son had met the goals or if he needed work in a specific area.  He did well in almost every area.

Once assessments are completed the student can move on to the lesson plans.  This is all done automatically.  The program decides, based on assessments, which lessons to have your child do.  As a child completes and lesson and completes the provided practice problems they are provided with immediate feedback.  Reports are available on the parent dashboard.

This is a great program.  It really gives you a solid idea of exactly where your child is in math.  I think most children will breeze through some sections and have to slow down and really concentrate on others and that, to me, makes total sense.  You as a parent have an easy tool for determining exactly where your student needs work.  For my son, for whom math comes easily, it was a little bit eye-opening.  There were areas he could pay more attention to.  Yet at the same time, I was given the confidence to know that he is very strong in most other areas.

In the future, I do hope this program improves in a couple of ways.  Some of the navigation around the dashboards is not intuitive.  It was easy to get frustrated when you didn’t know where to find what you wanted or even what you were looking at.  Plus, at this point, you have to go to the dashboard and mark that a lesson has been completed.  It doesn’t do that on its own.  It really should.

Overall though I give this program very high praise.  I’d like to put my other children into it and see just where their strengths and weaknesses lie in the math department.

Visit Adaptive Math Curriculum Online here.  Or if you prefer, they have a Family Math Package here.  Find A+Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) on their websiteFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest pages.

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