Over the past several weeks, my son and I have had the opportunity to review MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo’s eScience. This is a math and science enrichment program which includes live and self-paced classes for homeschool families and other educators.  It is a program created by Gloria Brooks, teacher.

NatureGlo’s eScience courses are recorded live while Gloria teaches students in person and online. The classes are then available for viewing on your schedule.  With your subscription, you have access to the course videos and related content for up to a year.

Live classes are accessible by your computer or any other mobile devices.  In order to interact with the class a webcam and microphone are needed.  Self-paced classes are the pre-recorded live classes and include materials such as slideshows, clicks to YouTube videos, study guides, and other resources.  Courses can be used by multiple children in one home and are geared for upper elementary, middle school, and even high school depending on the specific course.  Children are provided with quizzes and a certificate of completion at the end of course.

Our family was given the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle to review.  The bundles includes four courses, all of them 6-week courses including:

  • Math Connections with the Real World
  • MathArt in Ancient Cultures
  • Mathematics in the Arts & Sciences
  • MathArt – Patterns in Nature

The intent of these classes is to take math away from the practice worksheet and into the world through science, nature, history, etc.  Our family is currently neck deep in a study of Ancient Cultures so that is the course we instantly looked to to get started.  This study is intended to look at how math connects with art, and architecture in the ancient world.

To get to a course, you have to click on a tab called “My Courses.”  You’ll find in your member dashboard.  Navigating from there to your chosen course is simple enough.  Once you get to your course, you’ll see a list of all of the lessons.  Clicking on those brings you to another page with access to the videos, activities, projects, and so much more.

Here is a breakdown of the Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Ancient Babylonians & the Plimpton 322
    • Main Lesson Slideshow and Study Guide Downloads
    • Main Lesson Videos with NatureGlo
    • DK Find Out! Ancient Babylonian History Interactive
    • Ancient History Connection Video
    • Music Connection Videos
    • Going Beyond Web Resources, Projects, Activities & Videos
  • Lesson 2: Ancient Greek Math & the Platonic Solids
    • Pre-lesson Activity Ancient Greece
    • Pre-lesson Interactive Activity, Polygons
    • Main Downloads With Lesson Videos
    • Lesson Interactive Activity, Platonic Solids
    • History Connection Video, Plato
    • MathArt Connection: Making the Platonic Solids & Others
    • Literature Connection: Plato’s Allegory of a Cave
  • Lesson 3: Pythagoras and the Music of the Spheres
    • Pre-lesson Activity History Connection, Ancient Greece
    • Main Lesson Downloads and Videos with NatureGlo
    • Activity: Pythagorean Theorem Interactive
    • Video, Pythagoras
    • Going Beyond, Web Resources, Projects and Videos
  • Lesson 4: Ancient India’s MathArt: Rangoli, Mandalas
    • Pre-lesson Activity, Ancient India with Arts & Crafts
    • Main Lesson Slideshow with Study Guide Downloads
    • Theater Connection, Ancient India Shadow Puppetry: The Gazelle
    • Art Connection Video; How to Make Rangoli Using Kitchen Utensils
    • Literature Connection Video; Ancient Indian Folk Tale
    • Going Beyond, Web Resources, Projects & Videos
  • Lesson 5: Zellige Moroccan Tiles and Other Tessellations
    • Pre-lesson Activity: History of Moroccan Zellige
    • Main Lesson Downloads and Videos with NatureGlo
    • Math, History & Art Connections – Videos
    • Art Connection eHow: How to Draw Islamic Art Video
    • Literature Connection: The Lion, the Hedgehog and the Donkey
  • Lesson 6: Maya MathArt
    • Pre-lesson Activity, The Maya Calendar
    • Main Lesson Downloads and Video
    • Literature Connection, Gift to the Hummingbird
    • History Connection, Mayan Cities
    • Going Beyond, Web Resources, Projects and Videos
    • Art Connection Video
    • Student Certificate of Completion

How We Used This

I attempted to use this program with my 10-year-old son Ezra who is just one of those people who absolutely loves everything there is to do with math, and he excels at it. I really thought he’d enjoy taking his math to the next level and relating it to our other curriculum.

The first day I had access to this program I set things up and called him over to begin.  We were instantly confused.  I clicked on the first thing in the first lesson.  It was a video.  We can hear a lady speaking and occasionally another child.  This is clearly a lesson of some sort.  However, there was no context.  The teacher never introduced herself, the class, the lesson, or anything.  There was no explanation, no description of expectations, no directions for making the class easy to follow. Nothing.  We backed out and clicked on the next thing.  This seemed to be almost like a written transcript of what we had just been watching.  Were we supposed to read that first? Refer to it at the video went along? What was this?  The third thing on the list had a bit more instruction to it and was probably what we should have clicked on first.  Next, we found a link to a bunch of slides that were all sort of the same thing as the video lesson.  Should we have looked at these first? Side by side with the video?  How was everything supposed to fit together? But by this point everyone was flustered and we needed to step away for the day.

We returned a few days later and took the lesson in our new, self-determined order, and found the experience to be a bit more fluid.  I learned from there that I needed to preview everything and make a determination about the order and direction for each lesson myself before my son sat down to work on the material.  I had to create a roadmap for him to follow or else he was just lost.  There seems to be a lot of redundancy and not a lot of direction or order.

Eventually, I came to realize the pre-recorded classes were not adding anything to the class.  The teacher doesn’t expand on the information.  She merely reads whats on the screen word for word. It was easier to just watch the slides ourselves and read the information in the study guide.

Almost all of this program comes from outside sources that Gloria Brooks has gathered all of the links for and listed with each lesson.  You’ll find YouTube resources, blogs, websites, DK Find Out!, and so many more.  I appreciate not having to do this legwork myself I was just somewhat surprised that there so little original content within a program that has quite the hefty price tag.

There are some hands-on art and science activities your are provided links to.  If your kids are like mine, they love that sort of thing. It would be great if the creator of the program could provide a shopping list of needed materials.  That would make completing these projects a lot easier.  Instead, I recommend you preview all of the lessons and make your list so that you can have the supplies on hand when needed.

What We Loved 

There is so much covered in this one course alone.  You study Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Polygons, Plato, Pythagoras, Ancient India, Rangoli, Islamic Design, Islamic Art, Mayan Cities, and so so so much more.  These are fun, and exciting topics all gathered in one place.  There are interactive stories, videos, and art projects too. This is the kind of thing my son adores.  This program would best serve as a very in-depth supplement to any math or history program.

Once my son and I were able to work out the kinks and make the flow of the program work for us things moved along smoothly and he learned quite a bit.  We are now interested in taking a look at some of the other courses in the four-course bundle.  I think we may bring my 12-year-old in as we work through Math Connections with the Real World next.

You Can Purchase It HERE.
All four classes bundled together; One Payment of  $536.40 or All four classes in 3 monthly installments of $199.00.

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