Encouragement … It seems that at times it can be pretty scarce. So much in this world can be so discouraging. The simple act of opening the newspaper or flipping on the evening news can just suck any spirit of hope or flicker of light right from your very soul.  I think that is extremely unfortunate because I know there is tremendous amount of good in this world. But I do believe some people can easily miss that.

I know I suffer from discouraging days. Days that bring me down. If I’m very honest I have to admit sometimes it really doesn’t take much. I can encounter someone’s cross word, bad news, or some crazy story in the media and that is it. Discouragement washes over me.  Then something most terrible happens. It oozes out of me and starts to wash over those around me. Sadly it especially impacts those closest to me, the people I love, and my children

How discouraging!

What do I do? Sometimes I don’t do a darn thing. Of course this only serves to make everything that much worse! I find that to be unacceptable. Totally, undeniably, whole heartedly, unacceptable. My children deserve better. So do I.  I’ve got to change things. From where I sit there is only one way to do that. By consciously seeking out ways to encourage others one word at a time.  Maybe, just maybe if I shine a light then that yucky cycle can reverse itself and everyone can me just a bit happier

Can I tell you something. It isn’t an easy thing to remember to do. It seems so easy. This is really going to take some work and patience… Lots of patience.  But this little soul is worth it as I know it’ll make her world far better.