Losing a loved one is much like losing a piece of yourself, and it can be heart-wrenching to come to terms with a close family member passing away. The empty feeling which churns around your body and the pain that shoots through your heart is a sensation which is difficult to swallow. Many of us are told to put on a brave face in times like this, and we are told to stay strong for the others around us. Perhaps you want to protect your children from feeling that pain or your partner needs somebody to lean on. Whatever type of loss you have experienced you always need to remember the beautiful blessings you once had in your life. You don’t need to fight off the crippling hurt in your heart; learn that it is okay to talk about your feelings and carry on remembering the important people you have shared your life with. There are many ways in which you can keep somebody’s memory alive, even if their physical existence slipped away from you. Find joy and happiness amongst your grievances and find the strength to move on from these painful moments.

Much-Loved Memories

When a family member leaves us, they also leave behind a legacy, including physical memories which remind us of them. Many of these treasured items will be handed down to us in the form of an inheritance if you happen to be in that position. It is not uncommon for close families to receive nothing from somebody has passed, and it is up to you to create those keepsakes which you can hold close to you forever. You should never expect to receive valuable items from a deceased one, so it is a good idea to think of ways to create your mementos.

You can honor somebody in many different ways, but there are a few touching ideas which might bring some light into your life. Create a box full of memorable bits and pieces which you can keep for the years to come. Fill the box with cheerful photographs, letters, and notes which you can read from time to time when you are missing them. Another beautiful way to commemorate a loved one is having a custom designed coin made in their memory. Companies such as ChallengeCoins4Less offer a range of unique designs which you can display or hold closely to you. Take a look at their wide range of styles, including personal working and images; you’re bound to find one which accurately represents the person you have lost.

Treasured Traditions

Just because somebody leaves your family or friendship group doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry on with sacred traditions. In fact, it is even more important to keep those customs going so that their legacy can continue. Perhaps you all celebrated their birthday in a specific way; you should still continue to get together and create a sense of joy around this time. Instead of remembering them with somber thoughts make the day special and create a new tradition in honor of them. It can be extremely tough to celebrate important occasions when somebody is missing, 


but they would want you to remain cheerful and content during special events.

If it is too difficult to keep traditions the same, then you might want to think of a new way to commemorate important dates. Something as small as drinking their favorite beverage or adding their favorite color to your clothing for a day would keep them close to your hearts at this time. The date that they pass away can remain as a haunting memory in your mind for years to come, so attempt to turn it into something more relaxed. Instead of a somber tone on the day of their passing, make a special effort to do something joyous. Get together with your close friends and do an activity which they would have loved. Try not to distance yourself from other people during memorable events; you should use this time to come together and build an even closer bond with everybody who is undergoing the same struggles as you. Traditions grow and develop over many generations so should always be respected and remembered. Dealing with a loss is incredibly painful, so strive to live through it and make new memories to counteract the devastating loss.


Dear Discussions


Sometimes we start to hide our feelings when times get tough. When we lose somebody very important in our lives it can be difficult to discuss, but it is fundamental to our mental health and wellbeing to express our emotions. Keeping our feelings trapped inside our bodies can be destructive in the long term; you may find yourself getting depressed or lonely because you aren’t sharing your thoughts with people. Stay open with your family and talk to them when you’re feeling down. Make a point of getting together and discussing your loved one. Recall witty memories and swap personal stories to keep their memory alive in your minds. Talk to your children about them and don’t be afraid to discuss death with them if they are old enough. Visit where your family member or friend was buried, or their ashes were scattered. Conversations will only help your heart to heal more quickly, so share your feelings and your problems will be halved.




There is no one size fits all when it comes to grieving; everybody is unique, and they deal with loss in many different ways. These are just a few ways to help your friends and family deal with a death and will hopefully encourage everybody around you to celebrate their life in a positive way. Taking a traumatic loss and turning it into a ray of sunshine will allow you to move on. This doesn’t mean they are forgotten, you are simply remembering them in an alternative way. Their memory will live forever if you treasure the keepsakes, create new memories and discuss your feelings with people who understand your heartache.