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We all want to try and limit kids’ screen time, but it is one of the hardest tasks. Your kids grew up on tablets and phones, and they are used to doing everything using them; looking for directions, finding out what the homework was, and interacting with their friends through SnapChat. Instead of trying to ban them from their tablets, iPads, and phones, you might want to encourage them to use them for something more useful, and take advantage of modern technology to educate them better.

1. Learning Language

If you want your kids to get good jobs, you can encourage them to learn new languages. Due to the impact of globalization, people who can speak different languages are in demand. If your kids can learn languages online using free apps, such as Duolingo, they can take an official exam and increase their chances of getting into university or getting a well-paid job, by standing out from the rest of the applicants. Learning languages online can be fun and rewarding.


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2. Homework Links

If you want to get your kids to get on well with their school work, you can get them some homework links and sign them up for educational sites that cover the same subjects as their school, but in a different way. Homework links and learning software will get them prepared for their assessments and exams, and help them get the confidence they need to master each subject.

3. Trivia Games

There is no point resisting technology, and you might want to join in. There are a few free online trivia apps that you can play as a family. Some of them can be extremely educational, and help your kids learn more about the world than they would in the classroom. They will become more streetwise, and you will do your bit to raise them right and prepare them for the challenges of adult life.  

4. Revisions

You can also suggest your kids find creative ways of using their tablets and mobile phones to revise for exams or learn definitions and poems by heart. They can record themselves explain the subject and listen to it over and over until it sticks, and they are confident that they will do well on the exams. They can also stream their lessons to their classmates using anime software, and get feedback. Online chat rooms can be used by groups of students to revise together.

5. Online Tutoring

If your child is struggling with one or more subjects, you can now take advantage of one-on-one tutoring offered online. You will save time and money, and your child will get the help they need to master the area of study. Technology will help you make the most out of their phone’s capabilities.

While you might be worried about your child using their smartphone and tablet too much, you should not ban them. Instead, find ways of turning the devices into educational tools, so you can save time and money, and get your kids to learn while they are playing.