“Content” has an incredibly vague meaning. It can cover a wide range of different things such as video, blog posts, news articles, and software. However, it goes without saying that content can be consumed for a number of different benefits. Be it entertainment or educational purposes, everything that we see on the internet can be considered content that is created by someone for a variety of different purposes.

But popular content has to come from somewhere. For many people it’s a job, for others it’s a side-hustle. To some, it’s a passion and to you, it could be a potential career. There are many different reasons to create content for the sake of the internet or even just for local purposes, but what is it like to actually live life as a content creator?

Whether you’re just interested in the life of a YouTuber or a blogger, or if you’re actually considering making content creation your primary source of income, here’s what life as a content creator is actually like.


Always looking for inspiration around you

One thing that content creators always strive for is to inspire themselves. Whether it’s a holiday that inspires them or just a comment from one of their blog readers, content creators always need to look for ways to innovate and they have to search for new topics to write or create content about. This can become stressful, but for some people, it’s the best part of being a content creator.


Follow your passion or appeal to your audience

A difficult choice that every content creator needs to make is choosing between appealing to their audience for maximum exposure and following their passions so they can be true to their work. You may find yourself split choosing between the two, but it’s something content creators need to deal with on a daily basis. Some content creators find themselves hating their job because it becomes difficult choosing between the two. Some find that if they follow their passions too closely, they lose the audience that supports them and provides them with an income. Either way, the life of a content creator can be a constant struggle of balancing between your own wants and the wants of your audience.

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Responsible for your failures and successes

Unlike a regular job, the life of a content creator means that you are responsible for both the successes and failures of your business. This can be hard to stomach sometimes because there’s no one else but you to blame should something go bad. You’ll be responsible for everything from marketing your content to ensuring that all the facts and information you add to your content are correct. Of course, you can mitigate this responsibility by working as a freelancer for clients, but then you’ll be limiting what you can create.


Finding ways to improve yourself

Content creators don’t have mentors to tell them what to do. Everything is their own responsibility and they need to find ways to improve their own craft. For instance, if a content creator decides that they want to teach other people skills that they’ve learned, then they’ll need to go through Adobe captivate classes in order to learn how to use software that is built for eLearning and they also need to learn how to speak with their students. In other words, content creators have to be responsible for how they produce their content and every bit of responsibility is in their hands.


Flexible working hours that can feel worse than a 9-to-5

Although many people see the role of a content creator as a dream job, the reality is that it’s a flexible job that can feel worse than having a regular job with set hours. Since you’re only paid for the success of your content, there can be times where working for 10 hours nets you virtually no profit because your content wasn’t good enough. At other times, you could be working for 12 hours straight because you want to push more content on your website. Be careful if you choose the life of a content creator but the freedom you get can feel like an illusion during slow periods.

Creating content is a wonderful career choice because it allows you to follow your interests, passions and dreams however you see fit. However, it also means that you’ll be responsible for everything that happens. From building your own audience to ensuring that you don’t overwork yourself, it can be a difficult career choice to manage without ample amounts of practice and support.