Hey you clicked on my article!  I thought you might just skip it.  Who keeps New Year’s resolutions anyway, right?  I don’t. Very few have ever stuck with me for the long haul.  That is why this course, Humble Habits, by Mystie Winckler at Simply Convivial. Reading Mystie’s words struck a cord with me. New Year’s Resolutions rarely stick because we expect to jump for zero to awesome in a day. Plus we get bogged down with this crazy idea that maybe what we just decided our new “us” should be means we have to work at it…. EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES. Doesn’t that just sound like a heavy burden. If if our resolution is an amazing thing, after a few days it become way too much.

Mystie’s course aims to teach us new habits in the tiniest of bite size steps. In fact, the very first habit takes just 30 seconds a day, and we don’t even have to “remember” to do it because she will help us setup natural reminds to get it done. All of this sounded very doable to me so I forked over my $18 and signed up.

I play to share with you each week a little update about how I’m doing.  You all can keep me accountable.  In the meantime it does look like the course is still open if you want to jump on board yourself.  I don’t think you’ve missed too much.  Just click my links above to check it out.  (no I don’t get anything for recommending this course, just happy readers, I hope).

This week will mark week one.  Our first goal is centered on prayer.  I have always felt lead by scripture to “pray without ceasing.”  Except, how does one really go from zero to “without ceasing?”  That just seems impossible.  That resolution lasts about a hot minute.  I have a great daily prayer time already which lasts maybe 20-30 minutes.  But to pray “without ceasing.”  Yeah, no.  I’m not terrific at that.  Mystie’s very first goal helps us take a tiny step toward achieving the prayer life God has waiting for us.

So here we go!  Pray I have a prayerful week.  Thanks!