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Want to go to university but don’t want all the debt? Fortunately, university doesn’t have to be as expensive in the long run. Here are a few ways to make studying more affordable.


Consider a sponsored course

Some big companies offer sponsored courses to students – the condition is that you then have to work for this company afterward. If you’d been dreaming of working for such a company, a sponsored course could be the way to go. All your studies will be paid by the company, resulting in no debts. Companies may only give out a limited amount of positions to sponsored courses making it very competitive. You may have to go through multiple interview stages to prove to the company that your education is worth investing in. Sites such as offer several sponsored degrees to choose from.


Study from home

You don’t have to study on campus. Working from home might allow you to save money on accommodation costs. The fees for taking the course may even be cheaper in some situations as you’re only using digital resources. Studying at home might not be for everyone and could be part of the university experience for many people.

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Study abroad

Another alternative option could be to study abroad. University fees in some countries such as Kenya, Poland, Norway, and Argentina are far cheaper. If you’re taking out a loan, you’ll be left with less of a debt at the end of your studies. Living costs may also be cheaper in some countries. The drawback to studying abroad is that you may make up costs in flights if you plan to go home regularly. If you’re able to minimise trips back home, you’ll be able to make a huge saving. Studying abroad can be a great chance to travel as well as gaining an education.


Refinance your loan

It’s possible to refinance your student loan. This involves taking out a new loan to pay off your student loan. The idea is that this loan comes with more favorable interest rates or can be paid back in smaller installments. You can look into refinancing at sites like Refinancing may not be a good option for everyone.


Work as you study

It’s possible to earn money as you study. Some of this money may be able to go into paying off your debts whilst you’re studying. Obviously, any job you take up whilst studying shouldn’t be too much of a commitment as it could distract you from your studies. A part-time job may be all you need to raise some extra cash. Also, consider entrepreneurial ways of making money whilst at university. The latter could be better suited for those with a constantly changing study pattern.