New Year Resolutions are those scary things we talk about when we have had a glass of wine or two and then dread the morning after. They usually happen in the midst of the Christmas madness and you know they will come back and haunt you in the form of nagging from your friends and family if you end up not being committed to your words.

It happened again. During Christmas dinner, you uttered the words “dream life” and talked about how you wanted to pack your 9-to-5 job in and pursue the career of your dreams, the one you have been talking about forever. The thing is, you have no idea how you will start putting this plan together and the only means you have are tons of imagination.

If this is the case, don’t fret. The below options might ensure you have some money in your pocket to finance that rock and roll lifestyle.


Zero interest credit cards

The idea of owning a credit card might not appeal to you at this stage of your life. You have no job to rely on (at least not for long) and you are really planning to make things happen your way sooner rather than later. You might be happy to hear, however, that with zero interest credit cards you can borrow money for a while without you incurring any interest on it. Whilst zero interest credit cards might not be a good idea for those who are planning on being reliant on these permanently, they are excellent if you are investing in a life project that will take some time, but not forever, to take off.


Sell your items

This is a great way also of gathering funds for your idea. You might have a few items that you have not used in a while and which hold great value. You might not see this but your immediate or online community will. Do you have clothes that you no longer wear and could do well in the hipster market? Do you own a few electronic devices you don’t use anymore? Put your name down for a flea market sale and price your items accordingly (you don’t want to scare off potential buyers). With a bit of determination and the right items in place, you could earn some fast cash selling some of your belongings. Ask a friend for advice if you are unsure as to what to trade and what price for.



Last but not least comes crowdfunding: one of the most popular contemporary ways of funding projects. Many are the individuals who have resorted to this form of money-earning for particular projects and the fact is, aside from being fun, it is an effective way of getting cash. All you need to do is market your project in a way that will sound fun and will be engaging. This will be your way of attracting audiences. Some people decide to do this via a video or an animated message they can stream on their crowdfunding pages for them to appeal to potential funders. In any case, offering something to your audience in exchange for their money is a must; this will ensure you attract the largest possible number of punters.