Today I want to introduce you to The Magic Stories from Allsaid & Dunn, LLC, publishers of The Reading Game and authors of the Wordly Wise series.  These stories come as PDF downloads which can be such a blessing in a home like ours where the shelves and books seem to be taking over!

Allsaid & Dunn, LLC, publishers was created by the first author of the Wordly Wise vocabulary program that is ever so popular in the homeschooling community.

The Magic Stories reading program six books that are written at a 2nd-3rd-grade level:

  • The Magic Hole
  • The Magic Ax
  • The Magic Joke
  • The Magic Hotdog
  • The Magic Boots
  • The Magic Box

This program is so much fun!  Why does my daughter Joyanna enjoy it so much?  Well, let’s begin with the list of The Naughty 40 which are words to read through to prepare before the story is read.

My daughter, who is seven is a tremendous reader so I can’t say her reading improved at all with this supplemental program.  But we enjoyed reviewing it together.

The crux of the program is that the stories are written with words that are generally thought of as sight words but still adhere to some phonetic patterns.  English is a beast though and more words fall outside of the rules or patterns than fall into them.   These are the words that you’ll find on the “Naughty Forty” at the end of each book.  Reviewing them ahead of reading the book is such a confidence booster.


If your child has ever tried to read through some “leveled readers” and discovered half of the words in the reader are above their reading level than this program will solve this issue for you.

Included with the downloads are printables like flashcards which would be handy to print on cardstock and worksheets that go along with each story.  These also focus mostly on the Naughty Forty words. Within the worksheets you’ll find true/false questions that work sort of like a choose your own adventure… correct answers take the child to new questions while wrong ones lead to dead ends. It’s a really fun way to check reading comprehension. They’ll do finish the sentence type questions, questions that have the child putting themselves in the story, and questions that ask children to continue the story with their own writing.

If you are the kind of parent who values reading assessment then you’ll love this program.  You’ll find printables to help you with your record keeping and your child’s progress in the program.
I know some families really like a suggested schedule or a daily “to-do” type lesson plan.  You’ll not find that in this program.  This is a great thing in my opinion.  It really frees you up to go at your own pace.  I used the program with my seven-year-old daughter several times a week during the review program.  While you can print out any aspect of the program, (including the short little books) we read them digitally on the family ipad.  She’d read the Naughty Forty to me and I’d help her with any words she might not know.  Then she’d read the story to herself and complete the print maze and exercise pages.  I had her complete any written work orally.  It works for us.
We did find some minor issues I’m certain the company will work out soon.  We found a few grammar and spelling mistakes. In at least one instance we noticed the Naughty Forty list in the book didn’t match the assessment sheet.
Overall this program is another winner.  It might be just the ticket to helping your emergent reader find success.
You can find The Magic Stories through the Reading Game social media:

The Magic Stories {Allsaid & Dunn, LLC. Reviews}
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