For some parents, homeschool seems like the best option. What better way to ensure your kids get the attention they deserve? If you have the time to dedicate to the cause, this can be a rewarding and wonderful way to expand your child’s mind.

But, the homeschooling world isn’t all plain sailing. No longer will you be able to pack the kids off to school and get on with your day. Plus, you won’t be able to leave the tricky stuff to those trained to deal with it. Instead, the responsibility falls on your shoulders.

As if dealing with everyday classroom stuff wasn’t enough, you’ll also have to tackle field trips. While there’s nothing wrong with substituting a school classroom for a home one, some of the best learning happens out and about. In fact, field trips are much easier when homeschooling, and it would pay to take advantage of them. But, if you’ve never arranged one before, it can seem a daunting task. To help you get it right, it may be worth taking tips from the schools which have been doing it for years. Here are three such tips will ensure your day runs smooth.

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Buy tickets before you go

A school would never wait and buy tickets on arrival. That’s a sure way to disaster. What if there aren’t enough?. Plus, how can they expect that many kids to wait in queue? It just isn’t practical. Admittedly, you’ll only have your children with you. But, time spent in line is a time you could spend teaching. And, when you have a day of lessons ahead of you, wasted time is never a good thing. Instead, buy your tickets ahead of time, and get started with the fun straight away.

Health and safety matters

A school would never take kids out and about without considering health and safety first. Hence, there are checklists and registers galore during any regular field trip. Obviously, a register wouldn’t be much help to you. But, you still need to ensure health and safety. Car seats, like the Graco 4Ever all in, can ensure a safe journey for everyone. Your child won’t come to any harm this way, and you won’t have to keep turning around. You can learn about it here, or search online for reviews. An investment like this could last you until your child is 9, so it’s a step worth taking. That’s a lot of field trips!

Take worksheets with you

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Of course, a field trip would be a bit pointless if it wasn’t educational. No matter what trip a school takes, they provide worksheets for all the kids. These encourage the children to keep the purpose of the journey in mind throughout. Do the same for your child. This doesn’t have to be elaborate. Simple question about their surroundings is all it takes. If you visit the zoo, for example, you could ask where anteaters originate from. For help, think about the surroundings, and the lessons they stand to teach.