Lately, God has grabbed my heart about something. When He does, I know it is crucial. We live in a culture that is stealing our children. Just a couple of weeks ago I learned that less than one half of one percent of all children under the age of 18 believes in the basic tenants of Christianity.  As a mom that terrifies me.  I’m now on a mission to research everything I can about how to share the Gospel with children.  Recently we were given the opportunity to review a little something that can help us do just that.  Let the Little Children Come provides tools to share the gospel with children, and they provided me with their Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack to review. This sampler pack is full of all sorts of little goodies that give young children a more visual reminder of God’s story.

Included in the Sampler Pack are the following items:

  • John 3:16 Animated Tract
  • Gospel Buttons FlipAbout
  • The Most Amazing House Pop-up Tract
  • Wordless Bracelet Kit
  • The True Story of Christmas Animated Tract
  • The Lost Easter Egg Pop-up Tract
  • John 3:16 FlipAbout
  • Silicone Salvation Bracelet
  • Where’s Everybody Going? Animated Tract
  • and Wordless Book

Let the Little Children come is a company that provides many tools for sharing the Gospel message with children. They have many tracts, salvation bracelets, airplanes, water bottles, and so much more.  They offer products for Halloween (one of which I recently reviewed), Christmas, and Easter as well as general tracts.

When these arrived, my children had a lot of fun opening up the packages and taking a look at each little product.  The Gospel tracts are so much fun.  They are animated, believe it or not, and they share an easily understandable story.  The animation comes about via a plastic sheet that you slide on the picture that makes animals and whatnot move about.  The John 3:16 verse tract helps a child understand each part of the verse and explains why it oh so important.  There is even an included prayer.

The Where’s Everybody Going? tract is designed in the same way.  It talks about God’s creation of us for His desire for us to be with Him.  It also explains what we need to do to be with God for eternity and includes another prayer.

The True Story of Christmas tracts follows the same style, and this time the story of Jesus’ birth is explained.

The tracts are eye-catching.  Who wouldn’t be excited to see moving pictures right?  They are perfect for church Sunday School, Christian Schools, and other similar programs.

The FlipAbout books are different and yet just as fun.  They contain four pictures that share the Gospel.  By folding them and flipping them the books open up to reveal a new image.  The Gospel Buttons FlipAbout depicts heaven, sin, the cross, and finally a picture of an undefiled heart.  As with everything else this company sells the Gospel message rings loud and clear.

The pop-up tracts are just as they sound.  Little pop-up books!  What small child doesn’t love something like that?  The Wordless Bracelet Kit is something that I’ve seen before and seems quite popular these days.  The child makes a bracelet with a yellow, black, white, red, and green bead.  The beads represent parts of the Gospel message that you walk the children through as they build the bracelet.  Then it serves as a visual reminder whenever they wear it. The Silicone Salvation Bracelets are similar except they are premade.  They include a tract explaining the colors.   After VBS each year there is a carnival.  The children get to earn little prizes.  I bet these bracelets would be mighty popular.

The final product in the sampler pack is The Wordless Book.  It is a colorful book that also shares the Gospel message and would be treasured in any Christian home or Sunday school.  It might make a great little gift as well.

The sampler pack is terrific.  There is so much variety here.  The products are fun and very well done.  These would be treasured resources in any church group or Sunday School.  They are portable, relatively inexpensive, and eye-catching.

You can find  Let the Little Children Come on their website or Facebook.

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