Whether you run your church youth group, you’re a church leader, or you’re a parent of teenagers, you might be wondering how best to get them involved in your church community. Teenagers can sometimes become bored with attending church or might feel disconnected from the community. If you want them to be more involved, you might have to think of some ways to encourage them to contribute and help them feel more enthusiastic about joining in.

Give Them Responsibility

Treating teenagers like children doesn’t help anyone. They don’t want to be told what to do all the time, and you don’t want to have to constantly give them instructions. If you give teenagers more responsibility within the church community, they could be more likely to take the initiative and get involved.

Start a Tutoring Service

One way you might have teenagers help others is by getting them to provide assistance for younger members. Tutoring is one way to do this, perhaps by running a homework club or tutoring session once or twice a week.

Let Your Youth Group Plan and Event

If you have a youth group, giving them the task of planning an event could encourage them to take responsibility and take pride in their work. It could be anything, from a family fun day to a concert or talent show.

Plan a Service Trip

Your youth group could also get involved with the community at large by going on a service trip. There are lots of ways they could contribute, and it could bring them all close to each other and to the church community.

Infographic Design By Youth Unlimited