You may be confident that you’re able to give your child a more comprehensive learning environment suited to the specifics of their academic growth at home. However, a college education isn’t something most homeschoolers are able to provide. So, when your kid grows up and decides they want to go into further learning, it might be time to see them off to a more conventional environment. This notion can be worrying for some parents, but there are a few factors you should rest a little easier on.



Your kids won’t miss out

Perhaps the greatest concern about homeschooling and college is whether or not the two forms of education are compatible and whether colleges even accept homeschooled children. Thankfully, the answer is a resounding “yes, they do”, with enrollment numbers increasing for homeschooled children all across the country. Moreover, time and again, homeschooled children have been shown to excel above the average high school-educated student. They hit an average of 66.7% in their grades, compared to the overall average of 57.5%, which is good news for any parents wavering on whether homeschooling is really good for their children.

Addressing fears about the traditional learning environment

Some of the greatest concerns that cause parents to homeschool their children are all about the learning environment, to begin with. High school classes are large, and children rarely get the individual children that allows them to grow at their own pace. However, as shows, the college learning environment is entirely different. Classes are large, but there’s more opportunity for a student to have one-to-one consulting with their lecturers. Moreover, there’s a much greater focus on independent learning and peer learning in the college environment, so success is much more determined by the individual rather than the teacher.


They have all the same opportunities and challenges

Perhaps the most common concern regarding homeschooled children is a relative lack of socializing. So long as you take steps to join things like homeschool co-ops and ensure a balanced social life outside of education, your child may have no issues with that, but it’s worth noting that most faces on a college campus are fresh. Most people start off with a blank slate socially, which means that like-minded people will naturally gravitate towards each other. Colleges offer all the same opportunities to compete in sports teams, too, and will accept a parent’s transcript as readily as a school’s transcript for their applicants. There are no further barriers to your child’s enrollment and excellence than any other student’s.

It doesn’t have to be so expensive

College can cost a lot. However, there are plenty of ways to offset those costs. Teaching your kids to be money smart and helping them find deals on some of the more expensive elements, such as using to offset the high costs of course materials, can be a great aid. However, there’s even better news for homeschool parents. Because homeschooled children are becoming more and more sought out by colleges, there is a growing number of scholarships available to them that can drastically decrease or even eliminate the costs of tuition.

Financially, socially, and academically, the college experience is still going to be tough. However, your child won’t be facing any unique challenges just because they’re homeschooled.