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Adult life is often stressful, with obligations ranging from trademark valuation to paying the bills. Unfortunately, however, adults aren’t the only ones who experience stress.

There comes a time in almost every parent’s life, where they notice that their child is displaying signs of low self-esteem, melancholy, or lack of confidence. It’s a truly heartbreaking situation. No one wants their child to suffer or be unhappy, and it’s natural for parents to want to blame themselves when they see that something’s made their child insecure.

Often, the truth is just that there are many, many things going on in a child’s life — ranging from playground social dynamics to their own developing sense of introspection and questions about the world. Anxiety or low self-esteem can arise from any number of different sources.

The important thing is that you, as a parent, are there to support them and build them back up.

Here are a few great ways that you can help to give your child a confidence boost.

Tell them stories about people who overcame obstacles

The history of the world is full of examples of people who rose to greatness, against all the odds, and who never allowed themselves to be held back by the obstacles in their way.

One of the greatest things anyone can do for their child’s self-esteem is to share these kinds of tales. Let your child know that their destiny isn’t set in stone and that even if something is upsetting them at the moment, or if they feel limited or held back in the short term, there’s always a way of pushing through.

These anecdotes can be from your own life, or from the lives of people you admire from history or society.

Help them to dress in a way that makes them feel proud

Children, like adults, often have their emotions connected to what they’re wearing. This almost certainly isn’t going to manifest in the same way for a child as it would for an adult, but there are subtle signs to look out for.

If your kid is continuously talking about a pretty new dress one of their friends has or a cool T-Shirt they saw in one of their favorite cartoons, they might be dropping hints that they want a wardrobe change.

While you, as the parent, should, of course, practice your discretion in terms of what you allow your children to wear, understand that kids will often place a lot of stock in symbols like clothing that make them feel connected to characters they like, or even just help them to fit in with their friends.

Start a parent-child project with them

Starting a project with your child, such as building a giant Lego castle, or creating a fancy dress costume, can be a brilliant bonding opportunity. It can also be an excellent opportunity for you to offer your child reassurance about anything that might be troubling them in life.

On top of that, however, involving your child in some endeavor where they’ll be making steady progress towards a goal and taking pride in the fruits of their labors is bound to help give them a confidence boost.