Biblical study.  It is a tremendously important thing in our homeschool.  In fact, it is indeed the only thing that matters in our home.  Yes, we care about academics of course, but nothing matters more than building a relationship with God and learning all we can about Him through his word.  My family recently had the opportunity to review Weave Your Word In Me, Part I by Susan Case Bonner from Kid Niche Christian Books.  This Bible study was created specifically with that tween age set in mind.

Weave Your Word In Me, Part I contains 36 Bible lessons for children in 4th-6th grades. Part I focuses on the truths of the Lord’s Prayer. This soft-cover book includes 72 pages, all in brilliant color and ready to be inserted into a binder.  It is intended for use in a variety of settings including Homeschools, Christian Schools, and Sunday Schools.  The included answer key makes it easy for use with any most Bible translations.  They also include extra activities via their website like bonus videos to further extend the learning.

Kid Niche Christian Books is a company that produces many family-friendly biblical resources designed to help families disciple their children and understand God.  They teach us methods for interacting with God and allowing Him to change our lives.  They have products for children of all ages from little ones to teens.

In this part 1 section of the study children focus on a few essential elements.  They learn about prayer, God’s desire for a relationship with us, and God’s love for us.  Further children dive into Jesus’ time here on earth with us from His birth to ministry, His betrayal and death and of course His resurrection.

Each lesson has the child read a passage of scripture and then answer questions.  I like how they change up the questions.  Some are matching, true/false, etc.  Every lesson contains a prayer your child can expand on based on their experience with the teaching.

I used this program with my oldest son who is 11.  He loved it for one particular reason.  He craves time in the Word.  Our family prefers to use resources that send us directly to the Bible to read and review the scriptures for ourselves.  Weave Your Word does precisely that.  You read God’s Word to answer the questions.  Many programs on the market today provide you with scripture right within their pages or refer to the word so little that opening the Bible is almost unnecessary.  This isn’t true for this program.

The emphasis on prayer seemed to come at just the right time in our family.  It is as if God himself orchestrated this review with other happenings in our life. (I hope you note the sarcasm there, it indeed was God).  Our church is putting a greater emphasis on prayer and so too is God in my own personal Bible study.  It’s been a hot topic of conversation in our home, and this study added to it.  My son liked being able to take what he learned in God’s word and apply it to his prayers and/or the prayer the lesson provided.

Overall I think this is an excellent Bible study curriculum.  It is a resource that points children toward building a personal relationship with God.  This study is deeper than many on the market.  The child is required to read more than just a verse or two and to understand and answer the questions well they will have to dig back into the passage after their first reading. The prayer too refers back to the passage and emphasizes using God’s word to help us in our prayers to Him. The whole program requires slowing down and contemplation of His word.  I think he remembered or retained more of the lesson as a result.

The program is a flexible one.  As a homeschooling family, I like how we can choose to use this resource daily or on our schedule.  My son sat down with an average of 4 days a week during our review period. He will be finishing the rest of the lessons, and I’ll be searching out Part II when the time comes.

You can learn more about Kid Niche Christian books by visiting their websiteFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.  Or by visiting their website at Kid Niche Christian Books.

Weave Your Word in Me {Kid Niche Christian Books Reviews}
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