Have you heard of the Brinkman Adventures?  My family has been hooked on them for years.  Recently we were given Brinkman Adventures Season 4 to review.  The Brinkman Adventures would be listed right near the top of our list of our most absolute favorite things on the planet.  I know that sounds dramatic, but I’m not exaggerating.  There are just some things that we adore, and Brinkman Adventures ranks among them.  We had high expectations for Season 4, and we were not disappointed.

Brinkman Adventures is a radio show believe it or not.  Yes, they do still make those!  However, you can also purchase the audio CDs or the MP3 files.  Most of the stories are true, modern missionary stories that are told through the eyes of the fictional Brinkman family. The various characters are played by actors, and sometimes missionaries play their parts! That’s pretty exciting to us.  We often read about some of the same missionaries in other places so hearing their stories come to life, and sometimes their very own voices bring a new level to the experience.

These stories are produced by Beachglass ministries, a non-denominational Christian organization.  Their goal is to inspire, motivate, and promote another generation for Christ.

I would like to emphasize how full of action these stories are.  And they can be very convicting too.  Listen to a story of a missionary’s dependence on God in circumstances so dire I can’t even imagine them myself, and you just can’t view your own comfortable life quite the same way.

This season introduced us to Dr. Nik Ripkin, Carl Ralston, Glen and Rita Chapman, and so many more.  We traveled all over the world.  In these stories, we meet so many people touched by God through the work of His faithful missionaries.  Check out the titles…

  • A Paradise Lost – God is in Control
  • Remember Nhu – Persevering
  • Aisha’s Fear – Overcoming Fear with Love
  • Heart Song – Tenacious Faith
  • The Crashed Kitchen – God Doesn’t Make Mistakes
  • Crisis in the Congo – People Over Projects
  • The Mysterious Palm Feller – Confronting Evil
  • War of the Raccoons – Faithfulness in Work
  • The Five Guys – Listening to God
  • Toughest Man – Surrendering Everything
  • Cambodian Quest – Going Deeper with God
  • What Brings Us Together – Glorifying God in Every Vocation

Once in a while, they sprinkle in a fictitious story (which they make clear) just to drive home a message or moral.  War of the Raccoons was one of those.  Oh was it hilarious!  One of the Brinkman children named Ian learns a lot of lessons about honoring his parents, procrastination, and setting priorities.  It was brimming with discussion topics for my children and me.

I think our favorite story this season was, Remember Nhu which swirls around the topic of persevering even when all efforts seem futile.  Nhu was lost into slavery in her country, and an American pastor spends YEARS searching for her.  He never gives up even after her learns her family, who were helping him search for her, lied to him for years.  They knew just where she was but wanted to take financial advantage of this American.  Nhu plays herself in the audio which just added another level of inspiration for us.

Every episode gives me an abundance of opportunities and topics about faith and life to discuss with my kids.  “What do you think you would have done…” “How could so and so handle that better?”  “What do you think of this person’s reaction?” “What do you think God was trying to do here?” Even better is when I can relate events or lessons from the stories of our own lives.

You’ve got to listen to the Brinkman Adventures yourself. And do check out this page on their website where they share some more details and even pictures from the real events these stories are based on.

Brinkman Adventures Season 4
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