Handwriting has been a bit of struggle for my seven-year-old daughter. Her pencil grip from the start has always been awkward and she just really resisted following the “rules” I taught her about how to form the letters. I guess you could call her my strong-willed child. One area we struggle in mainly is getting her to create the letters correctly on the lines. She’ll make lower case letters as big as uppercase ones. Her letters that go below the line (like y or q) would float above it. So when my family was given a chance to review Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad from Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks I was pretty excited.

When I received the notepad, I was immediately taken by the quality of the paper inside.  This is a sturdy paper that will hold up to the most fierce erasing.  That’s important! I could quickly see how the system works.  There are several rows of rectangles each three blocks high.  The middle block is green, and this is where the base the letters go.  The upper block shows you how high upper case or tall letters should be and the lower block demonstrates where letters that fall below the line should end up.

A page of poetry my daughter copied.

My Joyanna wasn’t thrilled with this pad at first.  It meant she had no more excuses.  For better or worse she could see exactly how big or small or letters needed to be.  There was no getting around the issue anymore.  The colors, lines, and different cues on the page left her with no other choice than to write the way Mommy asks her too.  And she rose to the occasion and did so.

I had her use this notepad several times a week during our copy work time.  She would copy short poems or scripture fitting each letter into the blocks as she went.  She is developing better habits now, and I’m thrilled.  If I had known about this system earlier, I do believe I would have started her out a couple of years ago with My First Letters.  This notepad would have had her using these blocks right from the start as she learned how to write.  I think I’ll be picking up that pad for my 3-year-old soon.

These are excellent and simple products for any child learning or struggling to write.  Their handwriting will turn out neater, and many frustrations will be eased.

Channie’s Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks {Reviews}

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