Math is such a funky thing in our homeschool.  I have one son who struggles with it.  He’s the free-spirited one. He’d rather be drawing or daydreaming than doing anything so logical as math, and so he has convinced himself he isn’t any good at it.  Then there is my very logical and detail orientated guy who has a real knack for math.  He’s the one I call my mathy kid. It just comes naturally to him without much effort.  We were given the opportunity to review CTCMath‘s Family Membership with my kids, and the exciting thing you should know right away is homeschoolers can get 60% off + 6 bonus months.

What Did We Use It

Once our membership was reactivated, I was all set to go.  It remembered my all of our accounts from the last couple of times we used the program.

Every user is given access to the complete program from Kindergarten to Calculus.  I think the thing I love most about this program is that moving between levels to reinforce older concepts or just for extra practice is a snap.  I’m a big fan of review and practice, so I appreciate that there is plenty to be found just by poking around through the levels a bit.

When we began each of my boys took the “comprehensive test” for the grade level that I suspected they would qualify for based on the topics covered at that level.  There are three versions, short, standard, and comprehensive.  I had my children take the standard test.  They are given a score, and then we made the decision together which level was appropriate.

Generally speaking, we used this program several times a week and my 9-year-old, who advanced at math, was able to choose his topics to work on and move at his own pace as he progressed.  I supervised my 11-year-old a bit more closely to ensure he was making progress.

How Does It Work?

Like most programs these days, this is one is web-based and lives on the internet.  Therefore, every child can use it from any web-connected computer. A secure connection will ensure smooth running videos.  Our general internet browser of preference is Chrome, and the program runs perfectly with it.  I also tested it in Firefox and Internet Explorer and found no issues.

Once the child is logged in, they can choose their grade, unit, and chapter.  After the first time the student logs-in the program will remember where they left off.  The program also allows them to choose things like the background colors of their working screens.

Choosing where to begin

My 9-year-old mathy son loves the reinforcement that this program gives.  He will work a lesson endlessly until he achieves 100%.  My 11-year-old is just happy to reach the passing level that I set for him in the parent dashboard.

The progress one of my sons has made in this chapter of work.

Each lesson begins with a video followed by practice problems.  The videos are pretty short, usually under 4 minutes.  They work through several problems just like the ones that the child will get try in just a few moments.  The problem sets are often just ten questions long, sometimes as few as 5.  This program comes out of Australia, and that becomes evident while watching the videos.  The teacher voice you hear is a man with a very charming Australian accent.  He is very easy to understand so no worries there, but it does take a little bit to get used to.


A video on Roman Numerals

Once the videos are completed the student moves on to practice questions.


Roman Numeral Practice Questions

Once all of the lessons are completed on one topic, the child is awarded a certificate. Perfect scores on all problem sets earns you a Platinum Certificate. 90% or above equals Gold Level. There is also Silver and Bronze. Children can redo the questions in the problem sets in order to achieve 100% and earn that Platinum. It may take several rounds to get that perfect score though as the program averages all of the attempts together.  Like I said before, this is EXTREMELY motivating for my9-year-old.  While my 11-year-old doesn’t care about achieving higher scores unless I make him, I love how I can quickly glance at his account to see how things are going.  Below is some of what you see from the parent account where you can view the progress of every one of your students.

 My Thoughts… Do We Like It?

There are many great things about this program.  The ability to move around between levels is just fantastic.  Every child can progress at his/her own pace with ease.  As questions are answered, immediate feedback is given.  All scores are recorded and easily accessible in the parent log-in area.

The award certificates are a fantastic motivator.  We have something to print off and show off to Daddy at the end of the day.  I often had to take cell phone photos and text them to Daddy because they just couldn’t wait for him to get home.

Ezra, my 9-year-old, loves that he can move at his own pace.  He is mostly working at the 6th-grade level because he feels he needs some reinforcement in some areas.  He often jumps up to pre-algebra and other topics just for the fun of it.  If he were in public school, he would likely be in about the 4th grade. It is exciting to be able to cater his ability without having to purchase a whole bunch of different levels to figure out just where he is. To have a whole full world of math to explore at his fingertips is an absolute Goldmine for this child.  The only hic-up if you will is that he has to stop and TRY a bit harder at this level.  It isn’t the automatic cake-walk that he was used to.  So he got a little frustrated… until I calmed him down and showed him he really CAN work at that level.  Then he was off to the races again.

For my 11-year-old Noah who struggles with math, I love the how detailed the lessons are.  Every concept is presented in gradual small bites that he can handle.  He is making progress and is happy.  That’s what’s important.

Overall, I do appreciate this program.  It is well done and easy to use.  I love that kids can plug in and work at their own pace.  I love that it doesn’t take any preplanning from me.  I love that I can have a family account for all of my children.  Even my non-math loving kid can do very well with this program if I required it of him.  If this format appeals to you, I encourage you to give it a try.

OH and don’t forget this!!!  60% off + 6 bonus months

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