I have at least one geography buff in this house. In fact, both of my older boys are fascinated by learning about our own country and the world. Recently we’ve been given the opportunity to use a very in-depth program. Let’s Go Geography has fun homeschool geography course that takes learning about the world we live in to a whole new level!

Let’s Go Geography was created by a homeschooling mom of five children who are grown and leading successful lives of their own.  Carol Henderson now teachers geography to elementary aged students.  This program is intended for children in kindergarten through 4th grade and can be used for a 3-years.

Each year the children learn about different regions of the world, and when the three years are completed, you’ll have studied all of the countries and continents.  If you complete just one year, then your family will learn about 26 of the world’s countries and two regions here in the US.  The program can be purchased on a monthly basis, or you can gain access to an entire year at once.  My family was given access to the whole year.

If you are looking for an easy curriculum to follow (who isn’t right?), then this could work well for you.  Every week you’ll receive an email with links to the topics your family will study that week (if you stay on schedule). You log into your account and download the week’s materials to print.

Each week follows the same format.  You begin by studying facts about the country or region for that week.  The children will complete a map activity with coloring and labeling important regional landmarks or cities.  There are lots of mapping questions throughout the week and details are continually added.

From there the student learns about the country’s flag and music including the country’s national anthem.  There are photos and youtube videos to explore and a craft to complete.  All of the printable materials are right there for you including coloring pages, notebooking pages, patterns for the craft, etc.  A 3-ring binder is handy for each student to keep their materials.

This program is surprisingly in-depth.  I’m used to geography programs that can be completed in just a few minutes a day.  In those programs, children learn very basic facts and mostly the locations of the countries.  This program isn’t just a geography program.  It is a full social-studies program.  Children learn about the people of the region, agriculture, regional preferences for food, the climate, the economy and so much more.  This program can take a lot of time to complete but because it is so in-depth it can serve as a huge chunk of your overall curriculum.

This is an excellent program, particularly if you have 4+ days a week and about a half an hour or more a day to devote to it.  I admit.  We fell behind. My email was filling up with the reminders for weeks we weren’t ready to look at quite yet, and it made me feel a bit frazzled.

I did this program with my 7, 9, and 11-year-old children and it is so rich that even my oldest found it engaging and informative.  Their favorite parts were the mapping activities and the information about the flags.  They have a particular interest in flags, so they were always eager to get to that section. The Kid’s Passport was also included in our review, and they enjoyed adding the country flags as they completed each country.    I’ll admit we didn’t get to many of the crafts.  As fun as they looked, I just struggled to make time for them.  I set the directions out so that they could complete them on their own if they were looking for something interesting to do.

As the curriculum moves along, they pause after several weeks for review.  I think that is a great thing to do.  So much information is included in each week that the review will help the children retain more of what they have learned.

Of course amongst all of the downloads are resources for further study!  Hitting the library each week could be a fun adventure to add to the coursework.

I love this curriculum.  There is just so much here.  It is more than just a geography curriculum.  It is a whole social studies curriculum that can last your family three years!  That’s amazing.

You can learn more about Let’s Go Geography on their websiteFacebook, and Pinterest.

Let’s Go Geography {Reviews}

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