Applying to college is the logical next step for many who are about to graduate from high school. Others also do it when they’re a little old and have decided they’re ready to continue their education. There are ways to apply to multiple colleges at once, using the Common Application and Universal Common Application. However, not all colleges belong to these, meaning you might have to write a number of different applications. On top of that, there’s visiting potential campuses, applying for scholarships, and more. It can all be very time-consuming and frustrating, but there are ways that you can stay motivated.

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Seek Out Success Stories

When you’re getting your college applications ready and thinking about how to fund college, it can all feel a bit hopeless. It’s easy to feel pessimistic and like you might be doing it all for nothing. If you’re feeling like that, it can be helpful to look for success stories to motivate you. Not only will they give you a positive boost, but they can give you some practical tips too. By watching scholarship success videos, you can learn the best ways to secure the funding you need. Read the essays people wrote for their successful applications for inspiration.


Set Goals and Deadlines

Whenever you’re trying to get something done, making sure you have a schedule will keep you going. If you don’t have a clear goal and deadline, you could end up putting it off until the last minute. Even though college applications have their own deadlines, it’s useful for you to create your own so that you can work on everything at a pace that’s right for you. If you have several applications to complete, you don’t want to rush to finish them all in the same week. Set smaller goals and everything will be a bit easier to handle.


Get the Support You Need

Applying for college is tough. It takes up a lot of your time, and you’re also busy doing all the things you have to do so your applications look good. You shouldn’t do it alone, so make sure you have a support network who can help you out. Family can encourage you and give you guidance, and friends can commiserate when applications are getting you down. Mentors at school and elsewhere can help you out, and your guidance counselor might be able to help you look at different colleges and courses.


Reward Yourself

It’s always important to reward yourself for a job well done. One of the best ways to stay motivated is by promising yourself a treat when you’ve finished something. After each application, you might go and see a movie or take yourself out for lunch. But you can also reward yourself for getting smaller tasks done with smaller rewards. You might take a five-minute break, have a snack, chat with a friend for a bit or do whatever helps to refresh you.

College applications might be frustrating sometimes, but staying motivated is important. Find your own ways to stay motivated so you can keep going.