Many children get the impression that Christianity it about sitting on hard benches in cold churches while their parents sing songs they’ve near heard. All adults know that is not the real meaning of the religion, but it’s understandable that kids develop that impression. With that in mind, it’s vital that all God-loving parents do their best to educate their little ones and ensure they gain at least some understanding of Christian values. There are some activity ideas below that could help readers to achieve that goal without working too hard.

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Volunteer at a homeless shelter

All Christians should take their roles seriously, and that often means assisting others who are less fortunate. There are many homeless shelters all around the country that require volunteers at busy times of the year. Taking the entire family along will help children to learn about the value of hard work. However, it should also teach them that Christians go above and beyond when it comes to caring their fellow human. Most volunteers will help with things like:

  • Meeting and greeting
  • Food preparation
  • Meal serving
  • Washing up
  • General cleaning duties

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Arrange Christian scripture scavenger hunts

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to leave the house to educate the little ones about Christianity. Some parents like the idea of planning Christmas scavenger hunt clues using scripture from the Bible. That is a fantastic way to encourage the kids to feel inspired and getting them to listen intently. When all’s said and done, nothing is wrong with using some psychological techniques to spark their imaginations. Dangling a carrot like a prize for the winner is always going to work well. Just stash some chocolate or sweets in strategic locations and tell the kids they need to solve the scripture puzzles to find them.

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Take them to a nativity play

During the holiday season (which is approaching fast – sorry to mention it,) most schools and churches will arrange a nativity production. All parents should make an effort to take their kids along to the show so they can learn about the birth of Christ. The story is a cornerstone of the Christian faith, and so it’s essential that all young people get to hear it at some point. Of course, families that attend a local church might even manage to get their child a part in the play and encourage their imagination. Nothing is more encouraging than taking part, and most kids will love the idea of dressing up as a shepherd or one of the three kings.

All of the suggestions made here today should assist parents in giving their little ones a Christian education. However, it’s important to note that it’s wise to promote understanding of all religions. So, once the kids understand the concept of Christ and the Bible, some parents might want to take them to visit a local mosque or synagogue. Issues in communication cause many of the misunderstandings between different faiths these days, and that is something everyone should work to resolve. Whatever happens, just make sure the kids have a fantastic time!