Have you heard of children’s author Carole P. Roman?  If you haven’t seen these, then you are missing out.  Our family was recently given a chance to review four of her new fun and educational titles, and we were delighted.  We were given Fribbet the Frog and the TadpolesCaptain No Beard and the Aurora BorealisCan a Princess Be a Firefighter?, and I Want To Do Yoga Too.


All of the books by Carole P. Roman that we’ve ever had the chance to review have been top notch, and this selection did not disappoint.  Her books are full of wonderful illustrations, lively, fun and readable text for young children, and oh so much educational learning.  They are like the perfect cross section between learning and fun! Her books are adored in this house and toted around everywhere until they get pretty worn with love.

Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles and Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis are both books in the Captain No Beard Series. In Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles, little Fribbet (a pirate on Captain No Beard’s ship) is encountering worries about life at home.  Things are changing, and he is scared.  With some encouragement from his friends, he begins to share all about the new baby frogs that are being born. It turns out, he is a new big brother!  Through his story, we learn not only about how great friends can help us through our worries, but also the life cycle of a frog.  The author successfully tackled so many important topics in one simple and fun book.  If you read this with your children you’ll have lots of great points to kick of some wonderful conversations.


In Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis, the crew is sailing north on a very frigid night. They are on a mission to retrieve something and bring it home.  Along the way, the crew learns about the Polaris (or North Star) and they discuss such topics as whether it’s ok to take something without permission.  The crew is awestruck as they first lay eyes on the Aurora Borealis (the very thing the Captain was after) but they all agree that they really can’t take it home with them.  So out come the art supplies so the crew can capture the wondrous colors and take them home after all.

Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? is so much fun!  It explores the dilemma I think many little girls face.  It’s so fun and pretty to be a princess, but it’s also fun to pretend to be MANY other things like Dancer’s, Dentists, and Reporters.  Is it ok to be both a princess AND any of those things?  The message here is so positive and encouraging.  It affirms a little girl’s desire to be anything she wishes, princess and all.  I LOVE this one for my two princess daughters.


I Want To Do Yoga Too is the story of a little girl named Hallie and her mother who are taking a trip to the Yoga studio together. Mommy is going off to her Yoga class while her little girl is off to play in the children’s room. There is just one problem, Hallie wants to do Yoga too! Just her luck the care provider in the classroom walks her through a variety of Yoga poses that mimic different things like airplanes, and butterflies, and snakes. Little Hallie IS doing Yoga and she just doesn’t even know it. How delighted she is when she comes to realize the truth.

Carole P. Roman‘s books are delightful.  They make a wonderful addition to any family library.  My youngest daughter Eliza who is three would sit and listen to me read them for days on end.  My other daughter Joyanna is seven now, and she revels in her ability to read these mostly on her own.  My two older boys, well… let’s just say I didn’t notice when these books disappeared into their rooms for a bit when I wasn’t supposed to be looking!  Yes, they too enjoyed them, even if they didn’t want to admit it.

Please click on the image below and go check out what the other Review Crew members reviewed.  There was a very long list of books Carole so graciously sent to us.  There is bound to be a book that would fit perfectly into your family studies.  You can find out more about this author and all her books on her blogFacebookTwitterPinterest, and Good Reads.

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