Lapbooking units are a mainstay of our family’s homeschool.  They make my life easy because they can be economical, quick, concise and involve virtually no planning or prep time.  I love to use them as supplements to our usual curriculum or as a tool for studying exactly what my children are most interested.  We were excited to receive The Greatest Inventors from A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks.

If you’ve never taken the time to explore the A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks website you are missing out.  The company was created by homeschool moms Paula Winget and Nancy Fileccia.  They decided to turn the projects they were building with their own children into a resource and business that benefits the entire homeschool community.  The website is just brimming with unit studies, copy work, and curriculum related lapbooks.  We’ve done many over the years since I discovered them.  Some of our favorites are the Apologia curriculum ones like this one on Swimming Creatures.


The Greatest Inventors Lapbook that we completed this time around teaches the children all about 18 fantastic inventors and their inventions.  All of the study guides are provided, so you only need to print and go.  Supplementing library books can be great but not at all necessary.  The child reads a page or so about the inventor and then completes the corresponding minibook or project.  We store the projects in a ziplock bag until they are all finished and then glue them into file folders according to the provided instructions.  After several years of completing these lapbooks, my boys do them entirely on their own with all but zero help from me.

Overview of the completed lapbook.

Also provided at the end of the lapbook is a list of resources if you are interested in taking your studies further.  There is a reading log, a book report, a note taking form, an outline form, and even a narration form.  There is also a book list you can use to help you track down more resources.

I used this Lapbook unit with my two boys ages 9 and 11.  I love how I can use one download with multiple children.  It saves me so much money.  This unit was open and go for us.  We took about two weeks to complete the unit finishing about two projects a day on average, sometimes more.  Each morning I’d print and hand them the work and off they went. I looked over their little booklets just to ensure they following directions and doing decent work. In the end, I helped them fold and glue the file folders as the instructions detail, and they did the rest.  My boys are very familiar with the lapbooks from this company, so they needed very little help or supervision at this point.

Overall we like how the passages of text are written.  They are concise and to the point.  They are quick and easy reads.  Two projects can be completed in about 20 minutes.  As a woman myself, I would have LOVED to see some WOMEN inventors on the list. Perhaps someday they’ll update the unit with a couple of girls for us.

My boys enjoyed learning about the various inventors, and they are talking about digging up so biographies on these people when we next visit the library.  Some of the inventors included. Johannes Gutenberg, Benjamin Franklin, John Deere, Wilbur and Orville Wright, Guglielmo Marconi, George Eastman, Louis Braille, and Eli Whitney.

You can learn more about A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks and all they have to offer on their websiteFacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Instagram pages.

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